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Which GOP Presidential Candidate was Surprised when Sen. Kennedy Showed Up ad a Signing Ceremony?

Ted Kennedy has long been a proponent of the government forcing everyone to buy health insurance — or buy it for those who can’t afford it. Though universal access to health care may be a laudable goal, forcing people to buy something against their will, and then forcing those same people to pay for others, too is nothing short of socialism. Mitt Romney knows that and had to spin his way out of supporting RomneyCare — and setting it apart from the fantastically unpopular ObamaCare.

In 2007, Mitt Romney commented on “RomneyCare”. He said:

By the way, I was a little concerned at the signing ceremony when Ted Kennedy showed up.

But just exactly what was said at that signing ceremony that Ted Kennedy “crashed”?

I want to thank the many, many people in this room who were critical to crafting […] the bold health care initiative that I’m about to sign. Senator Kennedy: together we pitched the secretaries on our vision to ensure all our citizens, and on the need of Federal support to make our vision real. His work in Washington and behind the scenes on Beacon Hill was absolutely essential. [… claps …] It’s now my pleasure to introduce my collaborator and friend, Senator Kennedy.

Funny, Mitt Romney didn’t seem even “a little surprised” when Ten Kennedy showed up at the signing ceremony.

We think it sounds like Mitt Romney worked hand-in-hand with Senator Kennedy to implement “ObamaCare” in Massachusetts — as a foundation upon which to build the Federal version. Mitt wasn’t surprised at all. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.


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