Each State Delegate must be a registered Republican. To be seated the Utah Republican Party must have on file your name, telephone number, mailing address, and email address. The name you use should be the exact legal name you use to register to vote. Be aware that as a State Delegate you will periodically receive
important communications from the UTGOP, Elected Officials and GOP Candidates.

Term of Service

The term of service for all delegates is two years. Should you move or change addresses during that time, please inform your County Chair.

State Nominating Convention 2012

For the near future, your biggest responsibility is to attend and participate in the 2012 Utah Republican Party State Convention. It will be held on Saturday, April 21 at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy.

The official Call to Convention with credentials and instructions will be mailed to you.

At the convention, state delegates, by casting ballots, will choose the Party’s nominees for elected office. The offices you will be voting for include Governor, Attorney General, State Auditor, State Treasurer, U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. Some of you will also be voting in multi-county State Legislative races.

It is your responsibility to educate yourself about all the candidates. Expect to receive mailings, phone calls, invitations, emails, etc. from them during their campaign. Please read the material they will send to you, and attend “Meet the Candidate” events and other opportunities to listen to and become acquainted with them.

At the convention you will also have the chance to debate and vote on any changes to the State Party Constitution, Bylaws, Platform, Rules of the Convention, and possibly Resolutions.

Elected Officials

State Delegates are also responsible for keeping up-to-date with Federal legislation and contacting our Senators and Congressman regularly to let them know the sentiment of Precinct members so they can cast their vote with a greater understanding of those who they represent. Additionally, Delegates should have regular communication with Precinct members to ensure they are being correctly represented.

State Organizing Convention 2013

You should also plan on attending the 2013 State Organizing Convention next year where the State Party Officers will be selected by the State Delegates. You are also encouraged to be a leader and remain as involved as you can in your County Party.


If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the State Party Office at 801-533-9777 or 1-800-230-UTAH or visit us at www.utgop.org. And again, thank you for your willingness to serve.

I sent the following letter to Congress this morning using our “Cut spending” campaign. I asked Congress to cut spending instead of increasing the debt ceiling.

If you want to send a letter of your own you can copy or borrow from mine . . .

Please do NOT raise the debt limit. The debt ceiling was supposed to control the amount of debt you can assume in my name. Please obey this law. Do not wave it yet again.

I do not buy the scare stories predicting cataclysm if the debt ceiling isn’t raised. I think the opposite is true. Investors will have more confidence in the U.S. if they see Congress taking a strong stand against cancerous spending and debt. Those who fund federal borrowing will feel INCREASED SECURITY that they’ll get their money back.

You have only to return to the spending levels of 2007 to balance your books. The federal State was not starved for resources then. It was obese. You can easily go back to your old level of financial obesity without harming much of anything.

Calling a halt now reduces the risk of a massive federal default later, so JUST DO IT!

You can send your letter to Congress using DownsizeDC.org’s Educate the Powerful System.

Jim Babka, President

DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

The unborn and the vulnerable had no respite this holiday season, and neither should the politicians who fund their murder.


A little over 2,000 years ago, an unmarried woman found herself pregnant, and her fiancé was not the father.  Abortion was available back then, you know.  It was generally performed with “potions” – poisonous elixirs that forced the body to expel the child.  Thank you Mary, the betrothed but unwed girl who found yourself pregnant with a child that was not the child of your fiancé. Though you were scared, though you knew people might talk of scandal and your reputation might be ruined; though you feared your fiancé would end the engagement leaving you in terrible straits; you trusted the Lord our God would provide for you and your child. Thank you Mary, mother of Christ for CHOOSING LIFE!

Christmas 2010 told a much different story.  Not only has the government attempted to eradicate Christ from His own birthday celebration; but like Herod, our government was murdering babies throughout the holiday season… with your tax money.  But wait, didn’t Rep. Stupak (D-MI) and Obama promise us that ObamaCare would not cover abortions?  Indeed they did.  Yet just four months after the passage of the death-dealing and highly duplicitous Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, $160 million dollars in ObamaCare funds were given to the State of Pennsylvania to fund their taxpayer funded abortion coverage.  As you read this, babies are being murdered in Pennsylvania with ObamaCare funds, and WE are fully complicit in paying for it.

A quick check of the abortion mills located throughout Pennsylvania indicates that nearly every single one were open not only before and after Christmas Day but many were even performing their heinous services on Christmas Eve!

To make matters worse, on December 13 Associated Press Medical Writer Carla K. Johnson reported that as of October 1, ObamaCare Death Panels have already begun.  Medicaid is now cancelling services for hundreds of thousands – including cancelling transplants for individuals based on the government’s opinion of who will be most likely to survive.  Have Hepatitis C and need a liver transplant?  You won’t be getting it from Medicaid.  Necessary health equipment like insulin pumps are also being routinely denied.  “Elderly patients suffer the most” from the government rationing said Dr. Nagaraj Murthy, who practices in Compton, California and accepts Medicaid.

Since the unborn, elderly and the infirm and vulnerable were not afforded respite from government death-dealing even during the Holy Season of Christmas, there can be no respite for the politicians who fund their deaths in the New Year! Let us make our petitioning, and our energetic and vociferous rejection of their gruesome policies, all the more resounding in 2011, until we can VOTE THEM OUT!


The fact is ObamaCare is an eugenicist’s dream… loaded with coercive birth control, abortion and death panels to help curb, (to use Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s phrase), “growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

In addition to Ginsburg, we now have the infamous Elena Kagan on the highest court in the land.  As you may recall, Kagan altered evidence and coerced witnesses to change their partial birth abortion testimony, thereby defrauding the Supreme Court into overruling the will of the people and reinstating nationwide the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion.

With women on the Supreme Court who hold the unborn as undesirables and disposable to be slaughtered at will, what hope do we have in overturning the murderous ObamaCare?  My friends, our hope is in Christ, and arousing the conscience of Congress to honor their Oath of Office taken before God.

The actions of the Tea Party and Constitutional Patriots have proven that the one thing that scares politicians into behaving these days is an office flooded with angry, informed and righteous faxes, phone calls, emails and constituents.  We must begin an active and aggressive fax campaign TODAY aimed at the politicians’ WASHINGTON AND DISTRICT OFFICES and hit them where they live! WE MUST FLOOD THOSE OFFICES WITH 3 SIMPLE DEMANDS:



Politicians’ home offices are staffed by locals… locals who do not want to look their neighbors in the face and lie.  These Congress Critters LIVE in these areas and when they come home on breaks and to campaign (continuously) they are no longer sheltered by taxpayer-paid Capitol Hill staffers who shield the Members from We the People.  Faxing home offices as well as their savvy Washington DC staff is the best way to GET YOUR CONGRESSMAN’S ATTENTION AND MAKE HIM ACCOUNTABLE !

We must act now.  We cannot afford to wait until more of YOUR ObamaCare tax money is doled out to states who wish to murder babies and institute death panels on the taxpayers’ dime.


Thank you. I know I can count on you to defend LIFE AND LIBERTY!  I pray that you and yours had a Blessed Christmastide and in this New Year, please join me with renewed vigor in faithfulness to the cause of defending innocent LIFE.Sincerely,

Mary Lewis, Chair

Quote of the Day: “The plan would resurrect the Death Tax, grow government, blow a hole in the deficit with unpaid-for spending, and do so without providing the permanent relief and security our economy needs to finally start hiring and growing again.” — Chris Chocola, Club For Growth

Yesterday, the House passed a catch-all bill, H.R. 3082, that includes everything from tax rate extensions to the dangerous “food safety” bill.  I’ll have much more to say about this tomorrow.

So-called “progressives” are complaining that President Obama caved in to the Republicans by agreeing to a deal preventing tax hikes on the “rich” for two more years.

I wish they understood that the money we earn belongs to US, not the government. But they’re also mistaken on another point.

It wasn’t really the President who caved, but the so-called low-tax, small-government Republicans. As the letter below explains, the deal they cut is bad for America and betrays the voters who fired this Congress last month.

If you agree, please tell Congress to oppose this deal using DownsizeDC.org’s Cut Taxes campaign.

Here’s the letter I sent my “representatives” . . .

I oppose the tax “deal” between the President and the GOP leadership. It’s bad for America.

It extends current tax rates for a mere two years. This makes it harder for businesses to make long-term plans and may actually discourage them from hiring. A permanent extension would send a much better signal to the business community.

Also, this deal . . .

  • Includes a “food safety” bill that will ruin tens of thousands of farmers without making food any safer
  • Reinstates the death tax
  • Extends unemployment benefits without making corresponding cuts elsewhere – expanding the national debt
  • Extends government funding all the way through next October (yes, in 2011!).

And I’m infuriated to learn that this “deal” funds Obamacare for 2011. Thanks, Republicans!

I won’t be surprised if the final version includes a bunch of back-room deals and unrelated bills catering to special interests. After all, nothing much has “changed,” right?

This sell-out is a betrayal of the voters who fired this Congress and voted for smaller government. Reject this deal and . . .

  • Pass a PERMANENT extension of all current income tax rates
  • Pass a TEMPORARY government funding resolution of two months so that the next Congress can handle the budget

Respect the will of the people and give the next Congress a chance to clean up the mess this Congress made.

You can send your letter through DownsizeDC.org’s Educate the Powerful System.

The more people who send letters, the more likely members of Congress on BOTH sides will reject the deal. So please share this with your friends by forwarding this email, re-posting it on your blog, and sharing it on your social networks. http://bit.ly/e0YCC0

Thank you for taking action!

Jim Babka, President
DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

Dear Friend of Liberty,

The FDA is craving the power to shut down small food businesses on a whim, and their allies in the Senate are pushing TODAY to make that happen.

Take action now by contacting your senators! Tell them to vote AGAINST S. 510, the War on Food bill, on every vote – including cloture.

Say no to faceless, international elites dictating what you and your family can and can’t eat.

Tell your representative that the FDA needs to be held accountable for its failures, not rewarded for them.

Remind them that Big Ag is aiming to destroy competing food producers like the independent family farm, where the free market works every day to provide the public with safe, affordable food.

Please take action and contact both of your senators today! Tell them to vote AGAINST S. 510.

In Liberty,

John Tate, President

It appears that some cattle have decided to mount a protest to S.510, the fraudulently named “Food Safety and Modernization Act”. They are voicing their opposition by attempting to block trains, as seen in this video.

Okay, so they’re not actively protesting, but I couldn’t help but pass along this video.

Warning: adult language, carnage

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Dave Hansen, Utah Republican Party Chair

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