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Joe Levi is great at being detailed & organized

Bruce Hacking

Joe Levi was an incredible part of the Totally Awesome Computers team. He excelled above and beyond in everything he touched. Not only would Joe complete an assigned project perfectly, but he would improve the way it was to be done the next time. Joe was great at being detailed and organized. He was fun to work with and in my opinion was underutilized. I would hire Joe again because of his expertise, willingness to learn, ability to excel, and great attitude.

Bruce Hacking, CPA and Business Consultant

Joe Levi: Professionally Recommended

Bruce Hunt

I have known Joe Levi for the better part of eight years and have followed his career for about the last five years. Not only do I consider him as a friend but I recommend him professionally.

Bruce Hunt, Senior Project Manager

Joe Levi is consistent in his dedication and commitment

Eric Weight

Joe Levi as an outstanding candidate for employment with your company. While employed at B/O/W/G Advertising, Joe was very consistent in his dedication and commitment to our company. He performed his job responsibilities admirably and competently. He was very proficient in his technical skills and was able to identify many new opportunities to improve our technical processes.

Eric Weight, VP Solutions Consulting

Joe Levi is passionate about Web technology


Joe Levi is passionate about Web technology. He studies and knows how to implement websites that are standards-compliant and cross-browser consistent. Joe has an understanding of CSS and other markup languages that are encyclopedic in breadth and depth. He puts effort into continually updating his skills and knowledge.

Duane Koford, Software Development Manager

Joe Levi is tremendously valuable

Mark Houskeeper

Joe quickly identified the issues and needs of my growing company and designed and executed effective solutions. His grasp of technology and the customer-facing aspects of the business were expert and he offered tremendous value to my company and contributed to its growth.

Mark Houskeeper, President

Joe Levi goes above & beyond

Carl Albright

I was very pleased with the work Joe Levi did for me and my company. He went above and beyond for us by bringing different views and ideas that we were able to implement that we had not thought of ourselves.

Carl Albright, Owner

Joe Levi is a take-the-bull-by-the-horns, no-nonsense co-worker

Terry Musser

Joe Levi is a take-the-bull-by-the-horns, no-nonsense co-worker. I really enjoyed the time we worked together and hope to have the opportunity again in the future. He always jumped in with both feet and had an excellent attitude. He would be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to hire him.

Terry Musser, Dell EMC Senior Analyst, Enterprise Technical Services

Joe is a man of Great Character

Phill Wright

I have known Joe for several years. We worked together as officers in a political party. Joe is a man of Great Character. He is intelligent, articulate and very respected by many. I highly recommend him for any opportunity.

Phillip C. Wright, Vice President
Bank of Utah

Joe is a solid, long-term, foundational team member


Thank you for being one of the team’s solid, long-term, foundational members. Your technical vision and direction have guided us around the potholes and away from the cliffs for years.

Steve Clegg, Software Development Manager

Joe Levi is a detailed oriented individual

Mike Dopp

Joe Levi is a detailed oriented individual with a keen eye on the future of web development as well as all things tech. Joe has great communication skills and knows how to keep on a project until complete. Joe grasps old- and new-technology quickly, and is not afraid to face a challenge. Challenges are not only a learning experience but found as a great adventure. The knowledge and skills Joe has make him a perfect candidate for any position he gets the opportunity to tackle.

Mike Dopp, Senior System Administrator

Joe Levi is organized and task oriented

Rick McMullen

I had the pleasure of working with Joe Levi while at Totally Awesome Computers. Joe has always been organized and task oriented. He has great follow through and knows how to get things done. He has great time-management skills and always is thinking outside of the box. If there is anything you need that Joe fits the bill for then do not hesitate in asking him to work on your project. I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with him again.

Rick McMullen, Documentation Specialist

Joe Levi has won my “Personal Hero of the Day” award

Dell Schanze

Joe Levi has won my “Personal Hero of the Day” award in recognition of his hard work and for his Totally Awesome attitude.

“Superdell” Dell Schanze, Founder
Totally Awesome Computers

Joe Levi is the go-to guy for all things HTML & CSS

Bryan Hadlock

Joe is the go-to guy for all things HTML and CSS, and he loves to teach people what he knows. He is passionate about technology and is always trying out new things. Joe believes in other people and helps them attain their goals. I credit him with my success in mobile development.

Bryan Hadlock, Full Stack Developer

Joe Levi is able to work under difficult conditions

Brett Clyde

As Joe Levi’s colleague in the MIS department at Lifetime Products, I saw his talent for web development first-hand. Joe is quick to find technologies that deliver results to his customers and is personable and friendly with them. I can also vouch for work Joe has performed on the IS&T department website for Weber State University. Joe is able to work under difficult conditions to achieve a quality product his customers are happy with.

Brett Clyde, Senior Database Administrator

Joe Levi is a terrific manager

Brad Hintze

Joe Levi was a terrific manager while at Totally Awesome Computers. His management skills were outstanding in interactions with customers and employees. Joe was always ready for a challenge and frequently exceeded expectation. While at Totally Awesome he worked in many capacities and excelled in each. In one capacity, as RMA manager, he dropped the RMA inventory by 50% and turned over $50,000 in damaged inventory into usable inventory in one month. The processes and policies he began while in that position saved the company many thousands of dollars every month.

Brad Hintze, Senior Director

Joe Levi, absolute integrity & willingness to work hard

Janice Legler

As a member of the State Central Committee of the Utah Republican Party and the Executive Committee of the Davis County Republican Party, I have worked closely with Joe Levi. The things that stand out to me about Joe are his absolute integrity and his willingness to work hard and do the best job possible. I highly recommend him.

Janice Legler, Member of the State Central Committee

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