4 thoughts on “Utah’s Davis County School District FAIL

  1. Oh NOOOOhhSSS!!!

    I can’t believe the district would hire someone that makes a mistake now and then!

    The world is collapsing around me!


  2. @Mr. B,

    Everyone makes mistakes, it’s just the irony of this mistake that makes it humorous. Elementary education is all about reading, writing, arithmetic, and history. It should at least cover “how to use spell check.” They’re a school district for cryin’ out loud! 😉

    Take your site, for example. It’s about music. For you to fail as humorously as the Davis School District, you’d have to say something like “Today Milli Vanilli’s founding member, Nelley Furtado, just won an Emmie for best male vocalist to cover ‘Creep’.”

    Which would be awesome… 😉


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