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Cyber-Monday Coupon

The problem with Cyber Monday specials is that most of the stuff advertised is crap. It’s old models, it’s entry level models, it’s junk that you really don’t need. Not everything falls into that description, but take a look and make sure you know what you’re buying before you punch that guy in the face that picked up the last one (luckily you can’t get trampled or shot shopping online on Cyber-Monday).

So, how about if you could buy a good, quality product, from a reputable company, and you didn’t have to go with their closeout model, you could pick whatever you needed from the whole catalog? Yes, my friends, shopping nirvana – well, super cool, at least. 😉

The site is, they’re Lifetime Product’s Direct-to-the-public store and outlet all in one.

What can you get?

First of all, FREE shipping on every item, every day (where this is especially awesome is on heavy and bulky items like basketball backboards and sheds).

Second, a super-secret coupon code. You see, Lifetime isn’t like most companies. They make high-quality stuff that’s going to last a good, long time. Not only that, they price is right, meaning no huge markups just so they mark it down again to make you think you’re getting a good deal. When they issue discounts, it’s a fairly rare event!

What kind of stuff does Lifetime sell? Folding chairs, stacking chairs, tables, utility trailers, yard carts, benches, basketball equipment and accessories, and even storage sheds.

Sweet, huh? So, once you figure out what you want, type in this instant rebate code  JMA010 at checkout.

You can thank me later.


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