It has been an honor and privilege to travel the state and meet so many passionate and courageous members of the Utah Republican Party.

From the beginning, I felt the Divine hand of Providence urging me to share the message I gave in counties all over the state and today at the Convention.

Our system of government is a Republic, if we can keep it. Our Caucus system is how we keep it. I will continue to fight for our Utah Caucus System which keeps the voices of the people in our Neighborhoods heard even after the votes have been counted.

Thank you to my “running mates” for Vice Chair. You all were the example of how campaigns should run: friendly, cooperative, and non-confrontational. Well done.
Congratulations to Joni L. Hilliard-Crane, our new Vice Chair, and to Secretary Lisa Shepherd and Treasurer Abram Young on their re-elections.

Long live the Republic!

💡 Who Is Joe Levi?

When my wife and I married almost 20 years ago, we moved away from the hustle and bustle of the suburbs into a small farming community, off the beaten path. Over time, our little town group up around us. We moved our family to Cache County, with our only question being why didn’t we do it sooner.

Before we moved, like many of you, we took note of Politicians passing bills, restricting Liberties, and raising taxes – with what we felt was little-to-no input from their constituents. We took action. We started attending our Neighborhood Caucus meetings and were asked to serve in various capacities by our neighbors. I was elected as Precinct Chair, Legislative District Vice Chair, and Chairman of the Ethics Committee. Before we moved away, I was elected as Vice Chair of the County Party. In that position, I administered our website, assisted the County Party Chair, and served on the State Central Committee (SCC).

During my term of office, despite meetings in far-flung locations (Heber, Orem, and beyond) I only missed one meeting – when my father passed away.

Since then, I have been asked to serve as the Webmaster for the Utah GOP, and provide technical support for the Cache County Republican Party’s website. I was also elected by my neighbors to serve as an Alternate County Delegate and attended last year’s County Nominating Convention.

🗳 Why You Should Vote For Joe Levi

I believe in our Caucus and Convention System. – it is a wonderful system where our communities get together and elect “Neighborhood Representatives” – which we call Delegates.

These people are teachers, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, farmers, mechanics, tradesmen, husbands, wives – they’re our neighbors, and we elect them to help research those candidates who best reflect our values – the Planks in our Party Platform. Then they present those candidates to us – the public – for our ratifying vote at the General Election. It’s a fabulous great check-and-balance.

What’s more important, after the General Election has passed and all the votes have been counted, some Politicians forget about our communities – until the next election cycle. That’s when you’ll see them kissing babies, passing “feel good legislation”, and pandering to media.

Thanks to our Caucus System, the voice of our neighborhoods is still heard by these elected and appointed officials LONG after the votes have been counted at the General Election. They know they have to come back before us – the Delegates, the elected Neighborhood Representatives – to explain and justify their votes, otherwise they risk not getting our recommendation.

This system – the one that keeps Politicians accountable after the election – is under attack. Laws have recently been passed to “short-cut” the process – to silence the voice of our communities. Court cases have been – and are sill being – fought to keep the voices of our communities relevant.

We must continue this fight to keep the voice of our neighborhoods and communities – through the duties and responsibilities of the Delegates – relevant. This is something the State Central Committee must do.

If you will elect me – Joe Levi – to the State Central Committee:

  • I will faithfully attend those meetings
  • I will fight to restore the voice of our Neighborhood Representatives which politicians have been taking away in recent years
  • I will ensure that Cache County has a voice that will be heard loud and clear
  • If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet me yet, please reply with any questions you have.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for your consideration!

Let me put this on the record right now: I am pro-choice – just maybe not how some define it.

Both the woman and the man had a CHOICE to be intimate together. They both had the CHOICE to engage in intercourse*.

The consequence of those CHOICES is ultimately the creation of another human being. From the moment those two pieces of the mother and the father combine, another person has been created. That person, too, has a CHOICE.

*In the instances where the woman didn’t have a choice (rape, incest, or extreme medical necessity to protect the life of the mother), that’s where the conversation of abortion becomes valid.

In the meantime, all those who believe it’s a woman’s body and a woman’s choice, I agree — except that her CHOICE was made when she chose to engage in intercourse. Any pregnancy (unwanted or not) is a CONSEQUENCE of that choice.


It was always part of “the plan” to have my mother-in-law move in with us after her husband passed away. That unfortunate event came in December 2014.

My wife loves that home, and some of her fondest memories were made there. Now she’s ready to give that same opportunity to a new family.

After Ed passed away, my wife wife hired a renovator to go through the house and make it “like new”. We patched the walls, re-carpeted a few rooms, installed new countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, cleaned out the crawl-space and storage shed, painted virtually everything, and the driveway was even recently replaced.

Home for Sale: 1369 E Snowcreek Drive, Layton, Utah 84040
Scan to open on your phone

All that having been said, it’s hard for her to sell it – closing a chapter in one’s life so they can move on to the next isn’t easy. The sooner we can sell this house, the sooner that can happen.

1369 East Snowcreek Drive, Layton, Utah 84040

So, what’s so great about this house? Let’s jump right into the vitals!

Location, Location, Location

First of all, this beautiful home is located in Layton, Utah. It’s minutes away from Highway 89 and I-15.

The local church, ball field, tennis courts, soccer field, playground, golf course, and community fishery are just up road. The park is great for kite flying in the Spring, and sledding in the Winter!

The house faces South. You know what that means? No icy driveway! It’s pitched just enough to harvest the sun’s rays to melt most of the snow that falls on it, and keep it ice-free with very little effort! (You have no idea how nice this is unless you’ve owned a south-facing home before.)

That also means half of the backyard, on the North, is shaded, inviting cool afternoons and evenings outside, even on the hottest days. The upper half of the backyard is raised and gets plenty of sun, just in case you like the heat!


You want vaulted ceilings? You got it! How about a romantic wood-burning fireplace in the livingroom? Yup! That’s there, too!

Are you into food storage? There’s a HUGE crawl space (with a cement floor) ready for you to pack all your foodstuffs away for when you need them.

How about a garden? It’s already planted with strawberries, two types of raspberries, and a tomato bed (that only needs you to drop in your ‘maters.  There’s a walnut tree, apple tree, and even an asian pear in the backyard, too.

Oversized 2-car garage. Complete with storage cabinets and garage-door opener.

Paved Trailer Pad. If you’ve got a trailer (or a spare car), the RV pad on the side of the house is large enough to park even the longest 5th-wheel – without blocking the rest of the driveway or looking like an eyesore.

Workshop/storage shed. Tucked on the side of the house is a workshop/storage shed for all your tools, lawn mower, gardening tools, and more.

Central Air with Natural Gas Heating. Ed recently had central air installed. The equipment is very new, with very little use on it.

Bedrooms. Four bedrooms (3 on the main floor).

Office. There’s a nice, quiet office in the basement. You could use it as a craft room, storage room, or “man cave”.

Bathrooms. Three bathrooms (1 Full, 2 Three Quarter)

Size: 2,414 square feet on a 0.21 acre lot.


School DistrictDavis
Elementary SchoolE.G. King
Junior High SchoolCentral Davis
High SchoolLayton

Would you like to see it in person?

Contact our real estate agent:

Request a showing.

Tell a friend!

Thank you for taking the time to see if this home is right for the next chapter in your life!

Even if this house isn’t right for you, do you know someone who’s also looking for a home? Please share this page with them on all of your favorite social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.).

My children often bring me “baby dolls”. I carefully accept them, taking care to treat them just as I would a real baby. I cradle them gently in my arms and hold them. I’ll even wrap them in a blanket to “keep them warm”.


I hope that my children see me holding and handling a “baby” the way a baby should be held. Even if it’s pretend.

Children pretend to practice what they’ll do later in life. I want them to practice treating a baby gently, and with all the respect that a living being deserves.

Some might say it makes me a “sissy” to be “playing with dolls”. I just see it as proper parenting — and when my sons see their dad “playing with dolls”, they’ll hopefully see (and remember) that dads take care of babies. They protect them. They keep them safe. Babies aren’t just a “mom’s job”, and if Dad is that concerned about treating a baby doll safely, he must care even more about the real thing.

Over the years, my primary smartphone and tablet have always been members of the Nexus family. I’ve had ample opportunity to try other Android-powered devices, but I always keep coming back to Nexus.

The last few weeks have been especially hard on my family. My wife’s father, Ed, fell. He hit his head and broke his hip. After a troubled night in the Trauma Unit he stabilized enough to have his hip replaced, and the neurosurgeon wasn’t particularly concerned with the bump to his head. For me this meant late nights away from home (which is when and where I do the bulk of my writing for Pocketnow), and time away from my day job helping my wife. Family comes first in my life.

Although I was in the right place doing the right things, work began to pile up. Work related issues and emergencies had to be dealt with. Luckily I had my Nexus by my side with its strong, fast data signal, and a reliable signal to ensure calls got through so I could work remotely when need be. More importantly, I had an ample charge. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the Nexus 6 Rapid Charger!

That’s when a terrible call came through

We were all excited to hear that Ed was being transported to a rehabilitation center much closer to home. He was stable. He was eating. He’d even taken a few steps on his new hip. That’s when the call came.

“Bring the kids. Quickly!”

While being taken to the ambulance that was to transport him to the new facility, Ed had a heart attack. We arrived too late. Ed had passed away.

After taking some time to mourn his passing with my wife, children, and mother-in-law, I stepped out into the hallway and began making phone calls, sending texts, and communicating with family and friends.

The hospital had great WiFi, T-Mobile’s cell signal was strong, and despite being the end of the day, I still had plenty of battery life. At the time I took the technology for granted. Perhaps that’s the best measure, when the technology is so reliable and capable that you don’t have to even think about it – it just works.

The following weeks

My wife is an only child, leaving me as the “man of the family”. With my Nexus 6 by my side we planned the funeral, arranged flights, and I even updated Ed’s obituary from anywhere.

All the while I had obligations to attend to at work. Despite being on bereavement leave, the bulk of the quarter’s projects were being finished by the rest of the team and had to be deployed before the holiday code-freeze when into place. I found myself using Microsoft’s remote desktop app to connect to my computer at work and our web server in Texas from my Nexus 6.

Once the funeral was behind us, we had to move my mother-in-law into an assisted living apartment, contact insurance companies, the Social Security and Veterans’ Administrations, disconnect Internet, phone, and television at her house, and… well, the list goes on. That’s a lot to remember, and a lot of moving parts happening all at once. Thankfully, with Evernote and my Nexus 9, I’ve been able to keeps notes about what we’ve done and decisions that have been made, keep to-do-lists of everything that we still need to get done, and even record audio of important meetings.

The future

As anyone who has lost a loved one will tell you, the healing will take time. It won’t happen overnight. It’s not supposed to.

In the meantime, and in retrospect, technology got me through, and not just any tech. Thanks to the unified look and feel of both the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9, I was able to hand-off my devices to anyone to make phone calls, research topics on the Internet, add notes to to-do list, and no one had problems with different graphical user interfaces. I was able to use the app pinning feature, new to Android Lollipop, to lend my phone or tablet to someone and not be worried about them “exploring” my phone or interrupting the RDP session connecting me to my work computer.

When preparing this article, I started out wanting to highlight exactly how the features of Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 got me through a very difficult few weeks, but the bigger take-home message, I believe, is that the tech just worked. It worked for me when I needed it. It worked for friends and family who have never used a Nexus. The Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 were reliable, powerful, and got the job done better than any smartphone or tablet I’ve used in recent months. If they can soldier through something like this, imagine what they can do during a “regular” day.

According to Yahoo! News, March 27th is “National Joe Day”. All these years I never knew such a day existed!

How can you properly show your appreciation for your favorite Joe? Why not help me pay off my mortgage?

Apparently March 27th is also:

  • American Diabetes Association Alert Day
  • National Spanish Paella Day
  • Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
  • National Cleavage Day (this year, other years it’s been the first week in April)