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Stop the "Homeowner Control Act"

Stop the 'Homeowner Control Act'

As if Senator Chris Dodd’s (D-CT) Fed Empowerment Act weren’t bad enough to go out on, he has vowed to pass S. 1619, his “Livable Communities Act,” before he quits the Senate this year.

This bill, better called the Dodd Homeowner Control Act, was snuck through committee on August 3rd, and a final Senate vote could come as early as next week!

Nancy Pelosi has the votes to pass it in the House, and Barack Obama is sure to sign it.

I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in participating with Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, and their radical environmentalist friends in their version of Extreme Home Makeover.

The Dodd Bill, in the spirit of the U.N.’s “Agenda 21,” focuses on “sustainable development” and “comprehensive regional plans.”

These are code words for government determining not only how you live in your own home, but deciding what your neighborhood looks like by using your tax dollars to bribe state and local governments into forcing your community to fit federal guidelines.

There is not a minute to lose. A Senate filibuster is the only chance to stop this U.N. power grab.

Under the guise of “sustainability” the Dodd Homeowner Control Act will create a massive new Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, likely to be under the control of a “Development Czar.”

Such a Czar would be tasked with imposing federal standards on energy, zoning, and housing that line up with the U.N.’s radical environmental agenda.

State and local laws and zoning would be wiped out.

It’s vital that sign the petition to your Senators demanding they oppose the Dodd Homeowner Control Act (aka Dodd’s Livable Communities Act, S. 1619).

After you have signed your petition, I hope will you take some time to call Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at 202-224-2541 and/or email him and insist the Republican caucus filibuster this globalist power grab.

Please also call Senator John Thune, Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, at 202-224-2321 to demand the Republican caucus adopt opposition to this agenda as its official policy on the Dodd Homeowner Control Act or any similiar future attempts.

Finally, please chip in a contribution of $10, $25, $50 – or whatever you can afford – so Campaign for Liberty can launch a grassroots mobilization effort to defeat the Livable Communities Act.

Senator Dodd will tell you his legislation is “voluntary.”

But federal domination of your hometown will come in the form of federal grants.

As we saw with the so-called “stimulus package,” local governments will almost always buckle to pressure to take government money.

Or else radical green activists will convince residents their elected officials are costing them millions of dollars that are owed to their community.

Once the funds are taken, if you don’t have the right type of roof or windows on your house, or if your home is not powered by an acceptable form of energy, busybody federal bureaucrats will soon be on the scene.

You could be forced to spend thousands of dollars on “home improvement” to bring your home into compliance with the globalists’ extreme agenda.

Frankly, without your help, I expect the Dodd Bill to pass.

Make no mistake, this legislation is all about redistribution of wealth, restricting land use and forcing a U.N. inspired one-size-fits all, one world agenda on all of us.

Our way of life has never been “good enough” for the U.N. and the globalist toadies in our own government.

They think we have too much wealth, use too much energy and take up too much space.

Their response is to chop us down to size by “spreading the wealth around,” along with restricting the size and type of the houses we live in and the amount of land available to us for development.

You see, a crucial aspect of this legislation is its “Smart Growth” mandates.

Smart growth, a common term in urban planning for restricting “suburban sprawl” through open space preservation and heavy investments in mass transit, means large tracts of land are made unavailable for development.

We would be forced to be squished like sardines into the remaining (smaller) tracts of land the elites deem fit for us.

Your community will be under the thumb of un-elected boards, regional councils and governments who will decide where you live and how you live.

That is why it is vital you sign the petition to your senators demanding they defeat the Dodd Homeowner Control Act !

And then please call Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at 202-224-2541 and insist he organize the Republican caucus to filibuster this globalist power grab.

Please also call Senator John Thune, Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, at 202-224-2321 to demand the Republican caucus adopt opposition to this agenda as its official policy on the Dodd Homeowner Control Act or any similar future attempts.

Right now you and I are all that is standing between the Livable Communities Act and certain passage.

We need to gin up such a firestorm that the Republican Leadership will have no choice but to filibuster and kill this socialist scheme.

It’ up to you. Forward this email to your friends. Post it on your social networking site. Do whatever you can to spread the word that the this radical environmental agenda is coming to a town near you.

Defeating this Act will be a true test of which politicians are true champions of individual sovereignty and which ones kowtow to the globalist elites.

And while this legislation has progressed to the Senate floor, we can still beat it.

Previously, statist power grabs such as the DISCLOSE Act and Cap and Tax have ground to a halt because you signed petitions and called and emailed your senators.

While right now we are the only line of defense between our communities, Chris Dodd, and a U.N.-type one-size-fits all plan, a group of dedicated, liberty-loving Americans can make a difference.

I see it every day.

Unless you act, Obama’s bureaucrats, armed with their U.N. environmental agenda-inspired checklist, will be pouring over every roof shingle, window pane and appliance in your house.

You will lose control over the size of your home and where you can live as you are shoehorned into a federally-approved living area.

Your wealth will be “spread around” to finance this maneuver in the form of taxpayer-funded grants.

We can defeat the Dodd Homeowner Control Act (officially known as the pleasant sounding “Livable Communities Act”). But we must take action today to prevent further destruction of our Republic at the hands of reckless politicians.

In Liberty,

John Tate, President
Campaign for Liberty


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