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Patriot Act Vote Today

C4L Friends in Davis County,

The Patriot Act is up for a re-vote today. It is of the utmost importance we let our representatives know that we will fight tooth and nail to revoke this horrible piece of legislation.

Please contact our representatives and let them know your feelings on the matter. In addition, I was able to attend CPAC this past week, and while it was an exciting time to see Ron Paul win the straw poll, the contention could have been cut with a knife.

The powers that be and status quo will not let Ron pull anything off without a major battle, and judging from the reaction of 50% of the attendees, it was obvious. We have much work to do to change the hearts and minds of our friends and neighbors, but we are making headway.

Representatives to contact:

  • Congressman Rob Bishop, 202-225-0453
  • Congressman Jason Chaffetz (voted for it earlier), 202-225-7751
  • Congressman Jim Matheson (voted for it earlier), 202-225-3011


DJ Schanz, Director
Davis County Campaign for Liberty


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