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WWIII within 3 days?

Here’s the back story… Iran and Israel aren’t friends, in fact, they’re pretty much enemies.

Iran is trying to ramp up their ability to enrich Uranium, they say, for their own nuclear reactor. Israel thinks this posts a threat to their security, because Iran is also working toward nuclear missiles and other nuclear weaponry, theoretically to “finally” eliminate Israel.

According to John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Iran “begins the fueling process for the Bushehr reactor this Friday […]. It has always been optimal that military force is used before the fuel rods are inserted. That’s what Israel did in Osirak in 1991, and when they attacked the North Korean reactor built in Syria.”

Israel bombed the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq and a Syrian reactor, so the precedence is set that they’ll likely bomb the Bushehr reactor, too, and it’s in their best interest to do so before the fuel rods are inserted to prevent nuclear fallout across the region.

Iranian nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi explains that an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities would be an “international crime,” which basically ups the ante from a regional skirmish to an “international issue”. Which basically sets the stage for countries to ally with one side or the other.

As soon as all counties have allied with one side or the other, isn’t that the definition of a World War?

The question is, if Israel does bomb the react who will stand beside her, and who will stand against her?

Who can cite the Bible reference where before the Second Coming of Christ all nations will align against Israel? Is this the next step in that prophecy?

(Source: Via: Mike Dopp)


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