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Our dog ate my new phone!

My daughter’s phone finally kicked the bucket. She, being a vibrant teenager, had more “need” of a phone than her frumpy ol’ dad. Being the nice guy that I am, I handed her down my phone, and ordered a new one for me.

Amazon “guaranteed” the new one would arrive by yesterday. We didn’t see it.

Today we tracked it. Sure enough, the carrier said it was delivered yesterday at 2:04pm. Thanks to our hand-dandy doorbell camera, we were able to see the package delivered (albeit poorly)… and then watched as our dog picked it up and carried it away.

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After some searching through the yard, here’s what we discovered:

The Moto Mod battery pack is destroyed, as is the USB-C to headphone adaptor, and all the paperwork and packaging.

Thankfully, the phone itself appears to be intact.


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