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State Central Committee of the Utah Republican Party

Cache County SCC Attendance, 2017-2019

I do not have data on those who left early (leaving your voice unheard), but here is the attendance data, taken directly from the Party Secretary’s Official Roster.

Title Name Attendance % Absent Attended Excused
SCC Rep Layne Beck 100% 0 9 n/a
County Chair Chris Booth 100% 0 6 n/a
Auxiliary President Joe Levi 100% 0 5 n/a
SCC Rep Gina Worthen 88.89% 1 8 1
SCC Rep Lyle Hillyard 66.67% 3 6 2
County Vice-Chair Mark Hurd 55.56% 4 5 3
SCC Rep Val Potter 44.44% 5 4 2
SCC Rep Boyd Pugmire 44.44% 5 4 n/a
County Chair (resigned) Casey Snider 33.33% 2 1 n/a
Title Name Attendance % Absent Attended Excused

What does it mean to be “Republican”?

Being Republican means something. That’s why politicians want our endorsement so much!

To me, a “Republican” is someone who aligns themselves with Republican values, which are plainly spelled out in our Party Platform. These values are what make us strong and unite us.

Candidates and elected officials who seek the “Republican” endorsement are different – they’re held to a higher standard. Rather than just “aligning” with these values, they are tasked with supporting, upholding, and defending them if they are to be branded as “Republican”.

“Unite the Party”

You’ve heard calls to “unite the party” and to be a “big tent”, but what does that mean?

In 1975, Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill said “The Democratic Party is a big tent.” The context for his statement was that Democrats are “widely diversified” and compromise their core values. Those who don’t stand for something will fall for anything.

Ronald Reagan spoke of a “tent” in one of his speeches:

“The Republican Party […] is a broad party. There is room in our tent for many views; indeed, the divergence of views is one of our strengths.”

But listen to what he said next:

“Let no one, however, interpret this to mean compromise of basic philosophy or that we will be all things to all people for political expediency.”

“Unity” doesn’t mean sacrificing our values just to “get along” or for political expediency.

“Unity” doesn’t mean looking the other way when someone exercises power they do not have.

“Unity” doesn’t mean vilifying someone in our own Party for simply following the rules.

Reagan continued:

“Within our tent, there will be many arguments and divisions over approach and method … Unity does not require unanimity of thought.”

Calls to “Unite the Party” should be a rallying cry to strengthen our resolve to our Platform, and to ensure politicians using our name are not diluting its meaning by failing to vigorously fight for our core values.

Who should we elect?

How would I would vote?

  1. First, I feel that elected officials should focus on that job, and probably shouldn’t be voting on the rules which are designed to keep them accountable – it feels like a conflict of interest to me. At the very least it compromises one of our checks-and-balances to help keep them honest.
  2. Second, we need people who will show up to their meetings and not leave early. I’ve posted attendance records on my website to see how everyone did during their last term; mine was 100% and I never left before the meeting ended. Yes, we need to ensure that meetings are efficient and transparent – but we do that by following the established rules, not making them up or ignoring them when they don’t suit a certain viewpoint.
  3. Third, we need to be less concerned about electing people who merely “self-identify” as “Republicans”, and be more concerned with ensuring those who do are actively fighting for our values – and holding them accountable when they do not.
  4. Fourth, and most importantly, we need more engaged and active watchmen and -women, ready to sound the alarm, and who refuse to compromise the basic values which define us as Republicans! We need people with a fiery passion, who will uncompromisingly spread our values across the prairies.

Why vote for Joe Levi?

I believe in our Platform: I support it. I uphold it. I defend it. I live it.

I attend my meetings – regardless of how long they are or where they’re located.

I have not and will not compromise our core values for political expediency – nor will I hesitate to hold those who seek the Republican Endorsement accountable to the same.

Let me close with the rest of what Reagan said in his speech:

“… As I have said before, start a prairie fire that can sweep across this country. But to start that fire, we must nurture the flame here at home or it will flicker and die, and those who come after us will find only the ashes of lost hopes and dead dreams.”

Will you help me nurture that fire? Vote for Joe Levi.


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