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How to Get (and keep) a Girlfriend

(The following is a sponsored review)

But Joe, you’re already married, why are you writing about how to get a girlfriend?

It all started last night while I was watching Big Bang Theory. The storyline centers around a couple geeks who live next door to a pretty girl, and the humor that ensues. Right at the end of the show the guys are huddled around the TV playing Halo 3 when the pretty neighbor comes back with her friends from a night of dancing a pops in on the geeks and with very flirting body language says "Hey guys, my friends would like to have sex with you." They guys keep playing Halo 3 like nothing had happened, and the pretty neighbor says to her girlfriends "see, I told you" and they all laugh. Another minute later one of the geeks pauses the game and when asked her he did so says "did you guys here that? Huh, I thought I heard something… never mind" and they all go back to playing.

In this show the topic of how to get a girlfriend comes up quite frequently (usually compared up how the geeks will never have a real girlfriend).

So, I’m one of the lucky geeks out there, I’m happily married, with children. So, this really has two audiences: those geeks that don’t have a girlfriend, and those geeks that are married and should be applying the same advice in the context of their wife. (No honey, I’m not trying to pick up other women. 😉 ) is a website that has lots of ideas about how to attract women. I’d like to look at that a little differently: rather than trying to attract women, they have advice on how to be attractive to women. The same "rules" can apply to your spouse, your muse, your girlfriend, or someone that you’re pursuing.

They have a section devoted to "Why Nice Guys Fail with Women," which details what a nice guy should be… and what he shouldn’t be. Since I’d categorize myself as a "nice guy" it was interesting to read that women who like nice guys (most "nesters" do) what a guy who is confident around her and her friends (but not overly cocky), someone who knows how to flirt (and how and when it’s appropriate — and not appropriate), who takes on the masculine role in the relationship (sorry, no metro guys here), someone who respects her and likes her, but also gives plenty of time and attention to his life and his goals, who can use humor in an attractive way (cocky funny), and who is confident around other guys.

Yeah, that can seem overwhelming and complicated, but not to worry, these guys offer audio instructions, videos showing good versus bad pickup lines and delivery, online articles, and books to purchase.

So go ahead, give it a try. And for you married guys, why not learn how to attract a really hot woman — the one you’re already married to!

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