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Man with a gun kills 3, wounds 5… in a church, during worship service

In response to the Neosho, Mo. story as reported by the AP and The New York Times regarding a man who killed 3 and wounded 5 more in a church, during their worship service…

I belong to a church that has been instrumental in passing legislation to prohibit persons from carrying firearms to church/temple/synagogue — basically, any “house of worship.” Why? Because “guns don’t belong in church” not in my state in any event.

This shooting didn’t happen in my state, but even still, this man didn’t seem to care about laws (Isn’t it already illegal to commit murder? Isn’t it already illegal to assault or batter someone? Isn’t it already illegal to carry a firearm while in the commission of a crime?).

Why will one more law make any place (church, school, park, etc.) any safer? Isn’t it just sending a message to the criminal element that this place (church, school, park, etc.) is a “safe place” to commit their crimes?

The Utah law prohibiting firearms in houses of worship doesn’t mention “parking lots of worship” so I may just have to stay in my car outside the building during Sunday Services.

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