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Proposed Solution to Illegal Immigration

Any person desiring to work in the United States (including day labor) must have their identity confirmed by a State agency. They must submit their identification documents (including current and prior addresses, fingerprints, name and aliases, Social Security Number, and current photographs).

This agency will then confirm the validity of the documents, make sure they match with the individual in question, and that the person has no outstanding warrants. The person cannot be paid until the Agency responds with positive confirmation. From there they will respond with a thumbs-up, or with a Law Enforcement Officer to detain the individual (whether for a warrant, fraudulent documents, identity theft, or illegal immigration).

If it gets to that point, the person will be charged in accordance with the law, or microchipped and deported within 72 hours of being taken into custody.

This removes the employer’s responsibility for confirming an applicants right to work (and excuse for not weeding out criminals). It removes the “incentive” from aliens illegally resident seeking employment in the United States without first obtaining legal residency (they can’t get paid until they’re confirmed legal, and if they’re confirmed illegal they forfeit any and all wages earned illegally).


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