Another reason to switch to VoIP


According to an msnbc story a Malaysian man paid off his deceased father’s outstanding bills, including a phone bill for around US$23 (80-ringgit, in his currency). Later, government-linked Telekom Malaysia sent him a bill for US$218 Trillion (806,400,000,000,000.01-ringgit, don’t forget the .01 ringgit!).

At the time the story was written it was unclear if there had been a clerical error to the account, or if someone had used the number fraudulently. In either even, he has 10 days to pay up or face legal proceedings — something he “can’t wait to face.”

Hat tip to my buddy Lord Snarffingham for pointing this out to me… however, it’s a year old… and msnbc and the AP haven’t updated it…. so we don’t know if this guy is rotting away in a Malaysian prison cell… Get with the program!

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