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Sponsored Reviews: How much should you charge?

Sponsored Reviews is concept where advertisers are matched with content providers; people who want to sell stuff find people who like to write stuff, and pay them to write about their “stuff.”

The question is, how much should I charge? The flip-side of the question is how much should an advertiser pay? (No, they’re not necessarily the same.)

According to Google Analytics, last week this site ( had 1,857 visits, 2,352 page views (which is 1.27 pages/visit), an average time on the site of 5:14 minutes, a link popularity of 3, a Technorati  rank of 2, an Alexa rank of 2, a Google Page Rank of 2, and a Total Rank of 2.

Theoretically, I should be able to calculate the statistics for other sites with a Total Rank of 2 and then compare my site with the others and charge accordingly.

Let’s look at the numbers:

  • Number of Sponsored Reviewers with a PR of 2: 1,323
  • Minimum amount charged: $5.00
  • Maximum amount charged: $2,000.00
  • Average/Mean amount charged: $33.16
  • Median amount charged: $24.00
  • Standard Deviation: 64.4675547

So, if you are a PR2 (like me) if your content is on par with the average PR2 site, you should expect advertisers to pay you around $33.16 per sponsored review. If you feel your content/site is better than other PR2 sites then you should charge more; if it’s not as good as other PR2 sites then you should charge less.

Note that there is one gap in this logic: the numbers used in this analysis are NOT the actual paid amounts, rather, they are the “requested” amounts (a $50 site can charge up to $50 per review, but doesn’t have to charge that much).

In light of the above, a sponsored review on my site will run approximately $30 for an average length review.

Do any other sponsored reviewers care to comment?


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