Sponsored Reviews: How much should you charge?


Sponsored Reviews is concept where advertisers are matched with content providers; people who want to sell stuff find people who like to write stuff, and pay them to write about their “stuff.”

The question is, how much should I charge? The flip-side of the question is how much should an advertiser pay? (No, they’re not necessarily the same.)

According to Google Analytics, last week this site (www.JoeLevi.com) had 1,857 visits, 2,352 page views (which is 1.27 pages/visit), an average time on the site of 5:14 minutes, a link popularity of 3, a Technorati  rank of 2, an Alexa rank of 2, a Google Page Rank of 2, and a Total Rank of 2.

Theoretically, I should be able to calculate the statistics for other sites with a Total Rank of 2 and then compare my site with the others and charge accordingly.

Let’s look at the numbers:

  • Number of Sponsored Reviewers with a PR of 2: 1,323
  • Minimum amount charged: $5.00
  • Maximum amount charged: $2,000.00
  • Average/Mean amount charged: $33.16
  • Median amount charged: $24.00
  • Standard Deviation: 64.4675547

So, if you are a PR2 (like me) if your content is on par with the average PR2 site, you should expect advertisers to pay you around $33.16 per sponsored review. If you feel your content/site is better than other PR2 sites then you should charge more; if it’s not as good as other PR2 sites then you should charge less.

Note that there is one gap in this logic: the numbers used in this analysis are NOT the actual paid amounts, rather, they are the “requested” amounts (a $50 site can charge up to $50 per review, but doesn’t have to charge that much).

In light of the above, a sponsored review on my site will run approximately $30 for an average length review.

Do any other sponsored reviewers care to comment?

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