Joe Levi:
a cross-discipline, multi-dimensional problem solver who thinks outside the box – but within reality™

I just sent this letter to my Senators and Congressman

Representative Rob Bishop,
Senator Orrin Hatch,
Senator Mike Lee:

Do NOT raise the debt ceiling.

Congress refuses to pass a budget, spends itself into a crisis, then uses scare tactics to force an increase in the debt ceiling?!


This is the line in the sand.

This is the vote that your constituents will remember.

This is the vote that will either begin our path to recovery, or dig us deeper into the pit of debt that you and your colleagues have dug for us over the years.

The time to stand firm on issues is NOW.

No more debt! No more debt! No more debt!

– Joe Levi
State Delegate and SY08 Precinct Vice-Chair

Please make your voice heard NOW!


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