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The Vice President says you're a terrorist

According to Godfather Politics, Vice President Joe Biden thinks that people who believe in the Constitution, the Right to vote, and fiscal responsibility are “terrorists”.

Joe Biden called Tea Party members “terrorists.” That’s right. People who believe in the Constitution, the right to vote, curtailing spending money that we don’t have, and stopping the creation of money out of thin air are terrorists. The terrorists I know blow up polling stations, kill government officials they don’t agree with, fly planes loaded with passengers into buildings, slit the throats of captives, blow up churches, kill ministers, bomb synagogues, use women and children has human bombs, hijack planes, kidnap foreign hostages, and so much more.

So Mr. Biden, can you name a single Tea Party advocate who has engaged in ANY of these practices? Just one will do. Of course, you can’t. But since the media offers similar comments about the Tea Party, I doubt that there will be much coverage of your comments from the once mainstream media. The media coverage I have seen is supplying cover for the Vice President’s latest ‘gaffe.’

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