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Debt Ceiling Crisis is a Smoke Screen to Get "Super Committee", Gang of 6 in Place

Ordinarily one of the houses of Congress introduces a bill, carries it through its process, passes it, then hands it off for the other house to pass it off as well. From there is goes to the President for his signature, at which time it becomes law.

It’s not a fast process, but it’s not supposed to be. When bills are rushed through we usually end up with terrible laws!

The “debt ceiling crisis” is a perfect example of that. Congress is required to pass a budget early in the year. It’s one of the first things they’re supposed to do, that way they can ensure they don’t spend more money than they have. But putting it off, and spending more than they have has led to a “crisis” that has to be fixed. The way the President, the Democrats, and many Republicans want to “fix” our debt problem is by going further into debt!

It’s absurd!

But in the effort to remedy the situation the House’s Cut, Cap, and Balance bill was shot down by the Senate. The Senate’s plan was shot down by the House. SO now the President has had a “super committee” put together, one that doesn’t need their bills to go through pesky things like committees, debates, amendments, and waiting periods like “normal” bills have to.

The President argues that we “have to do this” because it’s a “crisis”.

First of all, it’s a crisis that should NEVER have existed if Congress was doing their job and actually passed a budget in the beginning of the year LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO!

Second, this isn’t about debt! It’s not about defaulting! It’s about getting that “super committee” in place. It fundamentally changes the way our government does business! It bypasses the committees that we have today (Education, Finance, Justice, Defense, etc.). It bypasses the need for debate. It bypasses the amendment process. It’s exempt from the filibuster. It’s exempt from the Speaker’s powers to keep a bad bill from coming to the floor.

In short, the “super committee” is all about reducing YOUR VOICE and the power of YOUR Representative and Senators.

If we allow the “super committee” to function we may was well eliminate all other Senate and House seats, those not on the “super committee” will simply become powerless figure-heads.

This isn’t about debt anymore, this is about the future of our Representative Government!

We must act now! Today! As quickly as possible! You can borrow from the letter that I just sent off. Due to the late hour on this topic, please call or fax your letter to our representatives in Washington!

Representative Bishop,
Senator Hatch,
Senator Lee:

In the rush to pretend that Republicans have scored a victory in the debt limit battle, have you considered this?

There are NO SUBSTANTIVE LIMITS on what the “Super Committee” can report. And whatever the committee decides to do is EXEMPT from a filibuster in the Senate and the Speaker’s ordinary prerogative not to bring it up in the House.

So, take the so-called gun show “loophole.” Or the ban on semi-automatics.  Or the Lautenberg proposal to ban guns for anyone the Obama administration decides to put on a “watch list.”  Or the ban on large magazines.

If the six Reid/Pelosi Democrats can cower a single Republican into going along with these proposals — using the threat of a $500 billion defense cut — they will become law.

This is not even allowed on “reconciliation” because of the Byrd Rule barring “extraneous issues.”  But none of the early drafts of this new debt ceiling bill (which have been circulated among the public) have the Byrd Rule, much less a ban on non-filibusterable, non-amendable legislation imposing gun control.

For this reason, we are asking you, in the strongest terms, to OPPOSE the debt limit sell-out.

Know that support of that legislation, if there is any possibility of non-filibusterable gun control, will be considered an anti-gun vote.


Joe Levi
State Delegate and Vice-Chair Precinct SY08


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