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Google Recognizes their Evil Deeds and goes into Damage-Control Mode

Google has recognized the error of their ways and is in the process of back-peddling and down-playing the Chrome EULA. (Read more)

Our pressure on them is working! Google says they basically used a “generic EULA” and parts of it don’t really apply.

First problem with this: That should NOT be in ANY EULA, generic or not.

Second problem: What are you doing to discipline your legal staff? That kind of thinking goes against the core of what Google means in the eyes of its users. If your lawyers aren’t on-board with that, toss ‘em and get new ones!

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Google has not yet corrected the “evil” EULA in the initial release of Chrome, so all of you that have uninstalled Chrome you were wise to do so! Don’t reinstall it until Google has “fixed” the EULA!



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