John Edwards: Elizabeth's Cancer Has Returned; Incurable


2008 Democrat Presidential Hopeful (Democratic nominee for Vice President in 2004) John Edwards announced today that his wife’s cancer had returned and because it’s now located within her bone it is now incurable.

The good news, bone cancer, though not curable, is treatable.

“A bone study that was done actually made the suspicion about the rib on the right side more intense. As a result there was a biopsy done on the rib on the right side… The cancer has returned, it is malignant… The end result of all the tests is her cancer is back. It is largely contained within bone, which is a good thing… The cancer is no longer curable, but it is completely treatable… We will be in this every step of the way together.”1

Mrs. Edwards also made the comment “I don’t expect my life to be significantly different.” When asked about her husband’s presidential campaign, she noted “…I am absolutely ready for that… I’m immensely proud of his campaign…”

Although I’m not a supporter of John Edward’s politics, I can’t deny that both he and his wife are extremely strong-willed and optimistic individuals.

From a Conservative ‘Blogger: Best wishes to Elizabeth in her treatment.

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2 thoughts on “John Edwards: Elizabeth's Cancer Has Returned; Incurable

  1. Joe,

    It’s great that you’re blogging in such a timely manner. I just have one issue with your post…

    The quote that you used was actually transcribed by myself for use over at 2008 Central (and around the internet of course) during the actual press conference. We certainly appreciate you reading the site; however, we strongly encourage all bloggers to cite the source of any refenced material and/or certainly any directly quoted statements.

    I imagine this was just an oversight, but wanted to bring it to your attention so you can correct it.

    Thanks again!

  2. AsC,

    Sorry about that, I normally cite my sources.

    Since this is a breaking story and this post is being updated as information (and additional articles surface) I had not appropriately cited. The quote isn’t directly from your site, it reflects the wording that I remember when hearing the press conference, but I do thank you for the reminder to site my sources.

    I’ve updated the blockquote with a citation and have provided a “related link” to your article.

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