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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-03

  • Stopped in at Jiffy Lube for inspection, emmission, and registration for Major Tom (my silver Prius). #
  • Near 1189 Antelope Dr Syracuse Utah US (41.088 -112.048) #
  • @shanselman LUCKY! #
  • @simonster Thanks for the read! Re-read the Facebook EULA, they own all the information you send them, and that their “partners” send them. #
  • @lazycoder Which browser is fastest… at stealing your intellectual property? Winner: Chrome ( ) #
  • @UtahGov How much money are we wasting on this? #
  • @UtahSEOpro 11th way Chrome is different than FF and MSIE: By using it you give Google all your IP ( ) #
  • @jonhinson So let’s vote for someone that will reduce the debt… So that’s Constitution Party and Libertarian Party… right? #
  • @WalterReade That way Google can own everything you do on your Blackberry… ( ) #
  • @AmandaGravel then scratch it! 😉 #
  • @Frogs69 And then there’s the EULA that says Google owns everything you do in Chrome… #
  • @darrenkopp Conspiracy theory nothing! have you read the Chrome EULA!? #
  • @jimmoon Now go uninstall Chrome. Everything you do in it you’re giving to Google… Go read the EULA! #
  • Sorry 4 all the Chrome EULA slamming. Google’s just really ticked me off. I’ll lay off. Thanks 4 hanging in there #
  • @WalterReade Haven’t we all sold our souls to Google? This time we’re just giving it to them, no payment necessary. 😉 #
  • @WalterReade @cboyack Thx 4 the heads up! Google has NOT YET REMOVED the offending language from the EULA. Wait till they do b4 u re-install #
  • @newsy_girl What kind of doctor appts? #
  • @simonster Thanks! I just posted a “retraction” of sorts: #
  • @robinbloor once they fix their EULA: #
  • @majornelson Any ETA on the “Fall Update” (aka the “NetflixUpdate”) that you can share with us? #
  • @robinwauters It’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us to put up more wind turbines! 😉 #
  • @kevinrose Sounds too much like a bad pr0n site to me… #
  • @jenternational It’s not too late to turn off the TV and flush the non-sense out of your mind… 😉 #
  • @DonnaDunn Depends on the style of PJs… #
  • @Ambeeer Warm ginger tea works for me… or ginger ale… 😉 #
  • @overheard @mikedopp “Is there an echo?” #
  • Hello to all my new followers! #
  • Self-serving update: I’m following 361 people, with 127 following me… #
  • I need a Windows Mobile app that hooks my phone’s GPS & updates my location &/or status @ BrightKite, FireEagle, &/or Twitter… #
  • … this app would send updates 2 the selected services periodically &/or after I’ve been stationary 4 more than n mins… #
  • …this could B useful 4 keeping in touch w/ family members while on vacations… #
  • … and could help prevent a repeat of what happened with the James Kim family ( ) #

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