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Dem Temper Tantrum Threatens America

When Ronald Reagan was President, the air traffic controllers union threatened an illegal strike.He could have given in to their demands. Instead, he told them to show up for work or be fired.

They were fired.

Today in Wisconsin, we’re seeing the same old game of “chicken” between unions and government. Both are waiting to see who will budge first.

The Left thinks if they hold their breath long enough and turn red, we’ll give in to their demands.

But we won’t.

America’s future is at stake. It’s time to deal with reality.

The reality is that America is in a very dire economic situation.

The reality is that Congress currently spends almost five billion dollars a day more than it takes in.

The reality is that 45 states and the District of Columbia are projecting budget shortfalls for the fiscal year 2012.

The reality is, WE’RE BROKE.

We can’t afford unions bullying us into spending more and more when we have less and less.

The nation is in crisis and teachers in Wisconsin are throwing a temper tantrum…over a $90,000/year salary and benefits package! Wisconsin teachers are making DOUBLE what the taxpayers funding them are making!

But just like the Democrats in Washington, they want MORE.

It’s hard to take pampered public workers seriously when they enjoy a salary and benefits package totaling almost $90,000! But … THEY DEMAND MORE.

Liberals pontificate on jobs in front of news cameras in Washington … AND THEY DEMAND MORE.

Obama speaks about the need for tough choices and spending cuts … AND THEN HE DEMANDS MORE.

The American people don’t have any more!

Obama and his union supporters are playing political games and bankrupting this great nation.

And when the going gets tough, the Democrats take off!

They’re not getting their way, so they aren’t participating.

Wisconsin Democrats are MIA. Indiana Democrats just left, too.

Senate Democrats spent last week attacking Republicans for wanting to make serious spending cuts. They ranted and raved when Republicans said they were ready to get down to business and pull this nation out of crushing debt.

They stuck around long enough to trade barbs in the media, and then they went on vacation.

Congress doesn’t have the option of being handed a phony doctor’s excuse – they have to vote on the Continuing Resolution before the money runs out.

The Senate should be figuring out how to keep the American government running but instead, they’re on vacation.

So much for Obama’s directive to make the “tough choices.”

Congress needs to tell the White House to get out of the way so businesses can hire more workers and grow the economy. But right now, Obama is “community-organizing” a massive union protest in Wisconsin over outrageous and excessive demands from his loyal voters: union employees.

State and federal governments are locked in a battle with the American people over dollars … with both sides wanting to control the same money. But that money comes from the private sector, not the public sector.

And if government keeps taking it from the people, there will be no more to take!

Nationwide, Americans are losing while Democrats play their inside-the-Beltway games.

Government doesn’t need to be on the side of the unions, it needs to be ON THE SIDE OF THE PEOPLE!

We must stay in this fight and continue to push back against big government and big spending.

We’ve been bullied long enough.

It’s the PEOPLE’S TURN to be heard, and I know one thing for sure: WE DON’T BACK DOWN FROM THE TOUGH DECISIONS.

WE WILL MAKE THE HARD CHOICES AND CUT SPENDING, so our children and grandchildren can enjoy a prosperous, successful future.

Inside-the-Beltway games don’t cut it anymore.

Let’s “win one for the Gipper,” and tell the Democrats to shove their big spending attitudes and their big union intimidation and their childish avoidance tactics.

FAX CONGRESS NOW and tell them to grow up, get down to business and save this country from economic disaster – or we will vote them out the first chance we get and find someone who will govern responsibly!


Tony Adkins
Conservative Action Alerts


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