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Utah HB 59 Warrantless Arrest Bill is Dead

Utah Rising recently reported on HB 59 Warrantless Arrest Bill, sponsored by Representative Steve Handy. This bill essentially would allow any law enforcement officer to make an arrest for non-felony crimes — such as failure to shovel your sidewalk after it snows.

On February 11, 2011 the House Judiciary Committee voted down House Bill 59 with a 9-3 vote.

A substitute bill has been drafted, but this still gives too much unbridled power to the executive branch, and takes away too much of our 4th and 5th Amendment Rights!

Utah Rising reported that our Representative, Brad Wilson, voted “FOR” HB 59. I had previously called Rep. Wilson and requested that he OPPOSE HB 59. Following the email alert from Utah Rising I contacted Rep. Wilson again. He replied with the following:

Joe, I voted against it and I voted to amend it.  I also encouraged Steve Handy to not bring it back, which he has committed to.  The bill is dead and I’m glad.

As precinct officers we’d like to thank Representative Wilson for being open to receiving constituent input, and for voting “the right way” on this important piece of legislation.

We’d also like to voice our disdain to Representative Steve Handy for introducing this cancerous legislation that would have stripped many of our 4th and 5th Amendment Rights, and pushed us closer to Nazi Germany. We’ll be watching Rep. Handy closely to see if he tries to further infringe upon our Rights.

Ever vigilant!


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