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What can I do?

I was asked in an interview not long ago how I had arrived at the position of Vice Chair for the Utah Republican Party.  I answered that I got involved and kept involved in politics.

Those of you who receive these emails are involved in politics at many levels.  Some give a little time, some give a lot.  We are all involved at a level that fits into our lifestyle and/or to a level we are driven to. Whichever the case, I commend you all.  I mention all this because in the coming weeks, I will report on things that I am participating in or see others participating in and then suggest some things we can do to take part in that area of politics.

For this first communication, I am reporting on attending the monthly meeting of The Women’s Leadership Seminars at the Capitol.  This group was formed this past year with the idea that women could teach and mentor each other through the political process at varying involvement levels.  At the moment, the organization is overseen by the Party.  Former Vice Chair Kitty Dunn headed the group and it has now passed on to me. I have handed the Chair position of the WLS over to Sarah Nitta, but I will continue to be the Party oversight for the organization.

The WLS meeting last week taught those who attended-yes, some men attend too-the Bill Process in the Utah Legislature.  Former State Rep. Peggy Wallace gave a great presentation on how the Bill process works, how to follow a Bill and even how to get a Bill passed.  Last month we learned about networking from Chairman Thomas Wright and next month we will be learning about effective public speaking from Ellen Levine.  The presentations include handouts that are helpful when you return home and you want to apply what you have learned.


Join the WLS Facebook Page at Plan to attend one WLS meeting this year.  Attend every monthly meeting.  Offer topic suggestions you would like to learn about.  Help organize a meeting.  Teach at one of the meetings.  Bring a friend to a meeting. Apply one thing you learn at a meeting.  Apply many things you learn at the meetings.  Call one of the mentors for help.  Be a mentor.

I offer a variety of things that can be done so no matter what your comfort level, you can do something.  I encourage everyone to be involved in politics to whatever degree time and energy permits.  I plan on sharing a wide variety of things with you over the coming weeks that will hopefully help you get excited about what you can do!

Thank you for your service to the Party!

Christy Achziger

Vice Chair, Utah Republican Party


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