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Hatch: No Bailouts to Greece

Fellow Utahns,

With over $14 trillion in debt and climbing, our nation is in grave danger if we don’t stop the out-of-control Washington spending.

We’ve seen what happened to Greece when their spending habits went too far. So when Greece called for help, what did President Obama do? He supported an International Monetary Fund bailout. Greece has already been bailed out once by the IMF, to the tune of $145 billion. Amidst our own financial crisis, we simply cannot allow the continual bailouts to occur.

That is why I’m backing a legislative effort to stop this IMF bailout. Now IS NOT the time, when Utahns are struggling to find work and have budget problems of their own, to tap innocent Utah taxpayers to bailout other governments. Rather, it IS time to stop our own runaway spending and to stop our continued movement toward European levels of government.

Hatch Warns Of Dangers Of Debt, Calls For No Bailout Of Greece

In a speech on the Senate floor, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, today outlined the dangers of the nation’s over $14 trillion debt and said that there should be no U.S. bailout of Greece. Hatch called on Congress to take immediate action on pro-growth policies, including the long-stalled trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and Korea, which would generate jobs and economic growth

To read the speech click here.

Hatch Outlines Need For Comprehensive Medicaid Reform

“Medicaid has served as an important safety net for more than 45 years, but in order to continue serving the most vulnerable in our society, it is absolutely essential that we modernize this program,” said Hatch. “The bottom line is that those who are the biggest advocates for Medicaid, and most criticize conservatives for seeking to reform the program, are happy to consign America’s poorest and sickest patients to a health care gulag.”

To find out more information click here.

Hatch, Lee Introduce Bill to Facilitate Energy Development in Eastern Utah

If passed, the bill would authorize the state and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to permit the State and Institutional Trust Lands Administration of Utah (SITLA) to relinquish 20,000 acres of school trust land in Grand County to the Ute Indian tribe in exchange for 20,000 acres of energy-rich land in Uintah County. To read more about this bill click here.

Hatch, GOP Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Reduce Onerous Government Regulations on Job Creators

“With our unemployment topping nine percent, Washington needs to stop pushing more mandates and costs onto the backs of our nation’s small businesses and job creators. More regulations and mandates is the wrong prescription to jump starting our economy. This legislation makes sense and gets Washington out of the way so businesses can get back in the business of hiring.” To read more click here.


Senator Orrin Hatch

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