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$5/Gallon by Memorial Day

WARNING: You WILL be paying more than $5 at the pump by MEMORIAL DAY

Since Obama took office:

  • Oil prices are up 233%
  • Gas prices are up 170.4%
  • The national average is now $3.80/gallon

Members of the House Natural Resources Committee voted Wednesday to bring three bills to the House floor that would require the Interior Department to lease tracts in the Gulf of Mexico, and off the Virginia Coast, and in new areas the Obama administration has delayed from development.

Republicans said the legislation would reverse Obama’s energy policy of the last two years that has reduced domestic oil production and made the United States dependent on foreign suppliers and vulnerable to hikes in oil prices.

If passed, the legislation might also open up several leases off the Atlantic and West Coasts.

The House will vote on the legislation next month, with the Senate to follow.

Reuters reports that: “The legislation commits the Obama administration to higher domestic oil and gas production, requiring the White House to boost offshore oil production to 3 million barrels a day and natural gas output at 10 billion cubic feet each day in the government’s upcoming 2012-2017 offshore drilling plan.”

The Democrat majority could very well kill this legislation in the Senate – so Congress needs to hear from you NOW.

Oil and gasoline prices are soaring, and the Energy Department forecasts U.S. oil production in the Gulf of Mexico will decline by 190,000 barrels per day this year and in 2012.

Yet, Obama, Democrats in the Senate, and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Energy Secretary Steven Chu, CONTINUE TO PREVENT THE U.S. FROM DRILLING FOR OIL OFF THE COASTS OF THE UNITED STATES.


The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) worked with the North Dakota Geological Survey and other experts to study the Bakken Formation in North Dakota and Montana … we have more oil in America than in the entire Middle East.

The Department of Interior believes that North Dakota and Montana have an estimated 3 to 4.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil in this area, and it could be extracted at an approximate cost to Americans of only $16 a barrel.

Studies indicate there may be more than one trillion barrels of oil in oil shale, a type of sedimentary rock found in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado’s Western Slope. THAT IS NEARLY THREE TIMES THE RESERVES IN SAUDI ARABIA.

  • The USGS also predicts that there are up to 16 billion barrels of oil in Alaska’s ANWR region.
  • We could, and SHOULD, be back to drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • We SHOULD be drilling off of our other coasts (since China and Russia already are).
  • We SHOULD be drilling in Alaska
  • We SHOULD be converting shale oil from the mountains in Colorado

But environmentalists claim that ALL these sources would damage the environment, and simply won’t allow this to happen. Instead of trying to find a minimal impact solution, they simply say no. And because of this, Americans are paying the price at the pump. And Obama does nothing.

URGE CONGRESS TO ACT before gas prices reach $5 a gallon and higher! Now, more than ever, we must put an end to the environmentalists holding our oil resources hostage.

Is our future $5.00 per gallon of gasoline, or $8.00 per gallon, $10.00 per gallon, or even higher?

That is very likely if something is not done IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE to relieve the pressure valve. That relief valve may very well be the U.S. domestic oil industry itself even though, today, that industry is mostly shut out of its own country.

Every oil-producing country in the world is drilling in the Florida Keys, Gulf of Mexico, and along the California coast— EXCEPT THE UNITED STATES!! Our government is subservient to the fears that environmentalists have raised. It begs the question: Who are the environmentalists in bed with, other than the Democrats?

Drilling for oil here in America would not only reduce our prices and prevent us from being at the mercy of the volatile Middle Eastern region—but it would also BRING JOBS TO AMERICA.

Obama has issued one permit for AMERICAN drilling. What Obama has done is promised Brazil a $3 BILLION grant to drill for their OWN oil… OFF OF OUR COASTS! We must end our dependency on foreign oil! Help us Fax every single Member of the U.S. Congress and tell them to take REAL ACTION to find domestic solutions to our Middle East oil crisis!

This not going to solve our problems and the Obama administration knows it! America could have a sufficient oil supply for the next 400 years. Opening up drilling off the coast, in the mountains of North Dakota and Montana as well as Alaska could immediately reduce the price of oil.


CUBA plans to drill five deepwater oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico by 2013. This could bring Cuba between five and nine BILLION barrels of oil. That should be OUR oil! We need to be drilling off the coast. Why are we allowing other countries to tap into our oil?

The environmentalists have STOPPED US FROM DRILLING HERE, every step of the way! 60% of the U.S. oil supply comes from foreign sources.

The Obama administration would rather supposedly “save the environment” and GIVE MONEY TO TERRORISTS, just so we can get oil!

NO LONGER can America stand to be at the whims and wishes of Middle East terrorists or Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. When we rely more and more on foreign oil that spells disaster.

By depending upon our enemies for oil, the price of oil will erupt like a nuclear explosion. Unless we produce for ourselves, we will soon think that $5 per gallon oil will be quite a bargain. Again, we can thank the liberal environmentalists for slowing our production over the past few years!

We can’t let the environmentalists – who oppose all energy possibilities except for wind and solar – and the Obama administration get away with dragging their feet any longer. It is finally time we drill here and drill now!

Our future is $5 gas per gallon – and beyond. The danger is already here. I ask for your very important participation as we urge Congress to DRILL HERE IN AMERICA, NOW!

American citizens need to INSIST we tap into our own resources and stop depending on Venezuela and Saudi Arabia!



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