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Hatch: Upcoming Townhall Meetings, Voting to defund Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare

Fellow Utahns,

The Senate has been out this past week so I have been home, traveling the state.  Next week, I will be hosting two townhall meetings in the Uintah Basin.  The first will be in Roosevelt Monday night, the second in Vernal Tuesday night.  If you are interested in attending click here for more details. If you would like to be informed of other public events in the future you are invited to sign up here.  I hope to meet with many of you during my time home.

Hatch Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

“Like most Utahns and other Americans, I hold the sanctity of human life in the highest regard. With our nation more than $14 trillion in debt, the first thing we should be doing is cutting unnecessary and harmful Washington spending. The last thing the federal government should be doing is using taxpayer dollars to fund an organization that performs abortions. When we are looking to find any and all ways to force our nation to live within its means, targeting this controversial funding just makes sense.” To read the full statement click here.

Hatch Votes to Defund $2.6 Trillion Health Law

“The new health law is fatally flawed and needs to be repealed. It is a budget-buster that raises taxes, increases already out-of-control health costs, puts Washington in charge, and threatens the fiscal health of our already fragile entitlement programs. Our nation cannot continue on its current course. It’s past time we start down the road of real reform and act to address the number one concern of the American people: skyrocketing health care costs.” Click here to read the full statement.

What Obama’s Anti-Oil Agenda Means to You

This is an opinion article I wrote and was published last week “Ever wonder what you get when you buy a gallon of gasoline? Sure, you get 20 to 45 miles of driving, depending upon your vehicle choice. But have you ever wondered what else your $3.80 per gallon buys? If you can answer that question you know more energy production than your average member of Congress and the media, and you will better understand the deadly impacts of President Obama’s anti-energy agenda.” To read the full article click here.


Senator Orrin Hatch

P.S. If you have any concerns which my office can help with, please visit my website at


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