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Exploring CSS, XML, and XSLT

I’m tinkering around with the site… yes, again. My objective is to keep the site looking almost exactly as it does now, but use XHTML Strict and CSS 1 & 2 to render what’s currently a relatively mucky table-set.

Project number two, convert from my Word Document formatted resume’ to an XML document that uses XSLT to format it such that it looks almost exactly like the Word Doc version.

Now, how can you help? Well, Project 1 (which I’ve code-named “Project Enduring Standards”) is just pretty much chug and plug, no worries there. Project 2 (code-named “Project Would-you-like-fries–with-that”) presents more of a delema. Is there a de-facto standard XML schema for resume’s? Microsoft’s got one, I saw another one that looked pretty good. But I’ve yet to find anything accepted as “standard.”, are you listening? Association of Human Resource Managers, have you thought about this? Bob’s House of Resume’s, any ideas?

Email me with any links/referances that you may have.


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