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Young Americans for Liberty 2012 Announcement

A project to identify, train, and mobilize thousands of youth activists to win on principle in 2012.
Do you remember Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign in 2008? Do you remember the wildfire it created and the grassroots participation?

It far surpassed all expectations.

But, unfortunately, many activists were brand new to the election process, and too many of us were unprepareduntrained, and uninformed about how to effectivelywin a highly contested race.

This is precisely why you and I must prepare right now for 2012 and years after.

I have learned my lesson from 2008, and today, I am proud to announce YAL’s most ambitious project to date – Year of Youth.

Our goal is simple: to identify, train, and mobilize thousands of youth activists in preparation for 2012 and beyond.

If you want to make a difference, become a grassroots leader, and teach others how to effectively win in the political process, then I implore you to visit our brand new web page and sign-up.

Please visit the new Year of Youth website at

It doesn’t matter your age. We are encouraging both the young of age and young of heart to sign-up right now as we begin to roll out this new project.

YAL is teaming up with a handful of pro-liberty organizations including Campaign for Liberty and others to train literally thousands of grassroots activists how to be effective in this upcoming election year.

It is important that you sign-up right now, so we can tell you when the next training session is in your area. This is your opportunity as a potential grassroots candidate, campaign staffer, or even volunteer to prepare for 2012.

To kickoff this project, I am also asking for your help to pitch-in and contribute any amount of money you can afford. I have set an online fundraising goal of $25,000, so we can begin identifying and training liberty activists, candidates, and campaign managers immediately.

To make your dollar stretch even further, a very generous YAL donor is ready to match every contribution dollar for dollar you donate today. This will multiply our kickoff budget to $50,000!

This is why it is so important that you contribute $25, $100, or even $500 or more to this effort. Your donation will be doubled instantly. I can promise you that your investment will pay enormous dividends this year and into 2012.

Please visit our new project web page to learn more, sign-up, and contribute.

There are specific action items you can take right now, but you must sign-up to get started and receive your instructions.

Here’s to victory in 2012!

In Liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director
Young Americans for Liberty

P.S. — Young Americans for Liberty trained more than 340 youth liberty activists in 2010. And, 36 YAL members worked full-time on campaigns as field staff or campaign managers.

This year in preparation for 2012 and beyond, my staff and I will build on this model to expand our network and train thousands more liberty activists with our new Year of Youth project.

Visit our new web page to learn more and sign-up at


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