Who is (866) 831-7288?


I’ve been getting phone calls from "(866) 831-7288" or 801-831-7288 over the last few weeks. They never leave a message.

Today I decided to call them back, and got a recorded message.

"Thank you for calling Web Site Pros, a full-service website marketing company for small companies."

Basically, someone sold my information to a marketing company.

Who sold them my information?

According to the recording, it could have been Discover Network, Vista Print, Card Service International, Authorize.net, Yahoo!, Intuit (makers of Quickbooks), etc.

In my case it was probably VistaPrint (I ordered some "free" business cards from them, and, of course, submitted my business number to them to include on my business card).

Now you know.

Google Search

8 thoughts on “Who is (866) 831-7288?

  1. Hey!
    Are you the Joe Levi formerly of Software Spectrum in Liberty Lake?
    No matter, I’m likin’ your blog.
    Thumbs up!!

  2. @Gracie P.,

    I’m the somewhat infamous Joe Levi formerly of BOWG Advertising, Iomega, and Totally Awesome Computers; and presently Senior Web Developer for Lifetime Products.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying my ‘blog… What topics would you like to see more of?


  3. I’ve gotten two Authorize.net accounts (w/ Visa, MC, & Discover capabilities) in the past year; and after each approved app I’ve gotten calls from this number (866-831-7288) as well.

    So, my bet is either Authorize.net or Discover.


  4. Whoa… weird. Talk about a small world! Gracie, do I know you?

    A) I used to work at Insight, formerly Software Spectrum, in Liberty Lake Washington.

    B) I currently work at Website Pros, and also have a website hosted through here. Despite the irritation that some people experience about having their information shared, typically they are given the opportunity to opt-out of any information sharing when they sign up for services. If they choose not to opt out, they are leaving themselves open to partner calls, and despite the bad rap that marketing firms get, some of us actually have good services to offer! I’m a firm believer that my company is one of those.

    The reason messages don’t get left in your voice mail, is that the dialer system detects answering machines and disconnects. It’s nothing personal, trust me.

    I do the same thing as you do, with the Googling phone numbers that I don’t recognize. Turns out, I missed a welcome call from the customer service team. Nothing sinister.

    I’m not saying all telesales people are wonderful, but I know our office is legit, and if you keep an open mind, (an a cautious eye out for scammers) you can end up with some great services.

  5. Just a quick followup…

    I just got a call from that number again. I grilled the person about where they got my info, and they said they are calling on behalf of Discover Networks because I setup a merchant account with them.

    So, A) Discover is pimping out it’s customer info; and B) Website Pros does not maintain a ‘do not call’ list because this is the second Discover merchant account I’ve setup and the second time I’ve had to ask Website Pros to remove me from their list.


  6. Cold calling to offer your services to random parties who have not initiated any interest is pretty lame Sarah. I think my company can offer some great services but you will NEVER find me calling personal cell lines multiple times daily.

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