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Who makes up the biggest special interest group? You might be surprised.

Want to know one of the biggest threats to limited government? Got three minutes to spare? You owe it to yourself to watch this video!

We’re still in the depths of a huge recession.

Over the last decade, the private sector grew jobs by a slim 1%. Federal Government, however, grew their employees by over 15%!

As bad as that is, the number of employees doesn’t tell the whole story.

Congress used this recession to not only grow the size of Government, they also gave their employees raises — huge raises.

For example, the before this recession hit the Transportation Department had only one employee making more than $170,000 per year. (I don’t know about you, but I’m not making one-hundred seventy thousand dollars every year.)

After the recession started — you know, the one that may have cost you, a friend, or loved one their job or a cut in pay or at the very least resulted in a “pay freeze” — the Transportation Department increased the number of employees making $170,000+/year to over 1,690 employees!

While you were worried about keeping your job and feeding your family, in less than two years the number of Federal employees making more than $100,000/year DOUBLED!

In 2009 the average total compensation (salary and benefits) of a private sector employee was $61,000/year. For a Federal Government employee? $123,000/year — more than double that of the private sector!

Do you think any of those people are going to support spending cuts — cuts that could kick them out of their over-paid Government job and back into the private sector? I don’t think so either. Just how many Federal employees are there? 21,300,000! That’s about 16% of the voters! Add their spouse to that number and you’re talking about 32% of the votes.

When that number passes 50% there’s no way we’ll ever get smaller government.

We may already be past the point of no return. The numbers mentioned above are just Federal Employees. They don’t include State, County, or City employees — many of whom are paid (at least in part) by Federal Grants.


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