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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-25

  • then big thunder again… P and J love it! #
  • over at california adventure, rode the flying over california ride then the rafting ride (warning: you WILL get wet!) #
  • whoever thought of this ride and put a shirt store next to it was a marketing ninja! #
  • over to the rocking ferris wheel.. #
  • P was too short to ride the screamer roller coaster, and M and J opted out, so we headed back to Dland to try for dinner @ Blue Bayou #
  • Blue Bayou needs reservations 2 days in advance… guess we won’t get there until next time we come… #
  • so we went to Village Haus for burgers and mac n cheese.. I’m impressed with the healthy foods, kids meals come with apple slices #
  • from there it was back to Big Thunder, but one of their cameras went down, so they took the ride offfline… P and J wanted N 2 ride w/ them #
  • so P S M and I rode pirates while N and J rode Indiana Jones… then I took M on indie.. P is too small by a couple inches to ride it #
  • from there we left the park, hbad a very rude ART driver (that was a first) P and S were asleep the whole ride home… #
  • no TV, straight to bed! #
  • this morning has been a lazy day.. naps in the morning, laundry, M and J are swimming at the pool with me supervising… #
  • elevator broke… with some guests inside… lucky we’re only on the 3rd floor, and I think there’s another elevator at the other end… #

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