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What's next for Campaign4Liberty in Utah?

Fellow Member of Campaign for Liberty in Utah,

Thought you’d like to know what happened a couple of Saturdays ago (on July 31) in Sandy.

About 75 people packed a classroom of the Salt Lake Community College for an intensive, all-day Grassroots Activist Training School taught by C4L National Senior Consultant Kirk Shelley–who was both funny and informative! JK’s Indulgence Catering provided lunch to those who wanted it and some treats for everyone in the afternoon.

Maybe you were one of these 75 activists. If so, THANK YOU for attending!

And thank you, Kirk, for teaching! The tools and information we learned in this school are amazing!

We learned what politicians like and what they don’t like. We learned what politicians do to confuse you, discourage you, waste your time, make you go away, or buy you off. Remember now: What question do you ask when a politician tells you something?

We learned how many people it takes to win an election. We learned how to persuade a politician to do the right thing.

We received a tool to help us determine which political activities are worthwhile and a tool to help us determine whether any given political fight can be won.

We learned how to pick a bill sponsor and how to pick coalition groups that advance our cause. We learned more of the tools on the Campaign for Liberty website. And we reviewed some principles of leadership.


I hope that each activist in attendance will be more powerful than ever before–more persuasive with his legislators, his school district board members, his county commissioners, his city council persons, and other elected officials.

Follow the example set by Dave Pridgeon, a Maryland County Coordinator. Meet with liberty-minded individuals (people like yourselves) on a regular (perhaps a monthly) basis. Discuss local, county, and state issues. Send everyone home with an assignment. Take responsibility for what happens politically in your neck of the woods. Claim your turf.

Casey Anderson, who lives in Cedar City, is doing it. He has been holding monthly meetings for over a year, teaching citizens about our caucus/convention system in Utah, recruiting liberty-minded candidates, and soliciting help (as a private citizen) in grassroots campaigns. Who will be next? Can I count on you?

If you would like to do more in the Utah Campaign for Liberty organization, please contact me. Utah has over 2,000 voting precincts, and Campaign for Liberty needs good people in every one of them. We need county coordinators in each of our 29 counties. There is much you can do–right in your own locale.

We have a General Election this November, a legislative session that begins in January, party officer elections next spring, and the selection of state central committee members early next fall. Your involvement is vital!

Please create an account on the Campaign for Liberty website (if you have not already done so). You thus provide your address, which means I can give you the names of others in your area with whom you can meet. Thus you can be more effective–more persuasive–with your local politicians.

In Liberty,

Lowell Nelson, Campaign for Liberty
Interim State Coordinator, Utah
Recruit, Equip, Train, Mobilize


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