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Sex offender?!

I’ve always had a very high ranking on Google for the keywords “Joe Levi” (thanks Google!). But over time, more Joe Levi’s have popped up, including one Mister Joe Levi Maez, who just so happens to be a sex offender at large, wanted in Alaska.

Great. Here I am making a good name for myself and my family, and some freak-o in Alaska with a similar sounding name goes and gets himself listed as the number 3 result on Google!! So I am working my fanny off to get a couple more “Joe Levi” pages listed in the Google results so that the freak-o is listed well below the “good Joe Levi” pages. If anyone would like to link to my pages to assist in the endeavor I’d be much obliged.

[Listening to: Some Jingle Jangle Morning – Mary Lou Lord – Got No Shadow (03:44)]

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