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Schanze Criticizes Governor, Draper City, after Sentencing

Salt Lake County Jail - Mug Shot of Dell Schanze

Dell Schanze is now criticizing Utah leaders and the entire city of Draper, in the fallout of his stunt in that city more than a year ago. 

Schanze maintains his innocence, and last night on KSL NewsRadio’s “NightSide Project,” he blamed Governor Huntsman.

Dell Schanze: “The governor needs to be fired because he should have stepped in and done something. The justice system is a complete sham because it never should have made it to court. And of course Draper City should lose its ability to be a city because they’re complete bumbling incompetent idiots.”1

Let’s examine the chain of events:

  1. Dell breaks the law by speeding through a residentail neighborhood (which he admitted and pled guilty to).
  2. Angry residents give pursuit, corner him at the top of the hill, and confront him regarding his excessive speed through their neighborhood.
  3. Dell “talks down” to the residents, tell them that he’ll drive “what’s safe for me, and you drive what’s safe for you” then offers to give them driving lessons.
  4. The residents become more angry, one picks up a rock and threatens Dell’s property (and indirectly Dell and his daugter).
  5. Dell removes a concealed firearm from his pocket (which he is legally licensed to carry), thereby diffusing the situation.
  6. Police respond to a “man with a gun call.”
  7. Dell makes a “deliberatly incomplete” written statement to police (he is later found guilty of “making a false statement”).
  8. The media reports the story; Dell goes on the defensive and calls reporters “angels of satan.” Subesquent to “bad press,” Dell’s computer business (Totally Awesome Computers) suffers and eventually goes out of business.
  9. Dell accuses the media of murder (for killing his business). He asks the residents of Utah to pray for their souls.
  10. Dell pleads guilty of speeding (reduced from the original charge of wreckless driving), a jury finds him not guilty of brandishing a firearm, but guilty of making a false statement to police.
  11. Dell is sentenced, demanding that the governor be fired for not intervening.

Had Dell simply obeyed the law (in this case the posted speed limit), at which point would this chain of events been broken?

The very first event would not have happened, breaking the entire chain. The would have been no “angry mob,” no threatening with a rock, no display of a firearm, no dispatch of the police, no “deliberately incomplete” written statement, no related “bad press” or subsequent decline in business due to the “bad press,” Totally Awesome Computers would probably still be in business, TAC employees wouldn’t have been unemployed, TAC customers warranties wouldn’t be in question, the courts wouldn’t have been bothered by this matter (and therefore tax-payer money wouldn’t have been squandered on it), etc.

Why did it all happen? Because Dell Schanze felt the law didn’t apply to him and didn’t have to obey something as simple as the posted speed limit.

Dell, who REALLY is to blame for all this? To use your words (as you posted on my blog): “You didn’t learn anything, did you … what a total waste of time.”


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4 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    I have to agree Joe. It is a sad state when someone can not take responsibility for their own actions. The whole thing could have been avoided. Very sad indeed that he feels the need to blame everyone but the personally who was truly responsible.

    On a side note…Hi Joe and Darby! I noticed Darby commented on another entry of yours and so thought he might see this. It’s Lisa Cannon. I’m in Kentucky now married to an inactive Baptist O_O Crazy I know but he’s great and actually enjoys going to church with me. Hope both of you are doing well 🙂

  2. cleverblue says:

    Does this monkey take responsibility for anything he does?

  3. Joe says:

    Hi Lisa, Darby does frequent my website so he may stumble across your not… but you could always contact him directly via his site:

    Thanks for the ping! It’s always nice to catch up with old friends! Don’t suppose you have a personal/family website to refer us to?

  4. Lisa says:

    Hey Joe 🙂

    I caught up with Darby on IM one night and got a chance to chat. I do have a website,, but it is under construction right now. I haven’t had one for a few years until about a month ago I thought I’d do it again. Just haven’t found the time to 🙂

    Hope ya’ll are doing good 🙂

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