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PocketPC Blogging?

In my opinion blogging can be divided into two points of interested: posting and reading.

That’s where things get more complicated. I don’t host my own server (yet?) so I use Blogger to host and publish my blog. It works. It’s got some snazzy features. It’s free (for the time being anyway). I primarily use Blogger’s web interface for posting blog entries, but it would be nice to be able to do this from my desktop and PocketPC with elegant ease (and use the tools available on each platform to assist in the posting process, such as spell checking and grammar checking). w.bloggar v3.03 is what I’m using to type this now, but it’s still pretty basic (and doesn’t hook into my installation of MS Office for real-time spelling and grammar checking, it doesn’t even have “blogging” in its dictionary!). And I can’t find anything that works correctly with PocketPCs and Blogger. :: sigh ::

The other side of the coin is blog reading, known in the circle by “aggregation.” I’m sure they’re out there, but I can’t seem to find any aggregators that work with MoveableType, Blogger, and other popular RSS and XML blog feed formats… that also have clients for the PocketPC. :: sigh ::

Can anyone offer some suggestions??

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