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Roast Reid's "Goose"

Campaign for Liberty
Dear Friend of Liberty,

“First of all we have a lot to do in the lame duck,’ he said. ‘I’ve referred to that as the goose on steroids because we’ve put so much over to the lame duck that it’s much more than a lame duck. It’s a great big goose or something like that.’”

That’s Senator Harry Reid, describing in a recent interview how he sees the upcoming “Lame Duck” session of Congress.

We’ve fought a lot of battles together over the last two years and have won more victories than the establishment ever imagined possible, but the most dangerous threats we’ve yet faced could come right after the elections.

When Congress returns, there will be quite a few congressmen who will be coming back only to pack up their stuff, and this means they will have nothing to lose when Pelosi and Reid make one more push to ram through their Big Government agenda.

A September report in The Hill said legislators could bring up as many as 20 bills for consideration in the final months of the 111th Congress.

What could we see?

Angry legislators, who can’t stand to be held accountable for their records, could try to resurrect the First Amendment-shredding DISCLOSE Act (a.k.a. the Establishment Protection Act).

Leadership hopes to fire up the printing presses again with yet another round of “stimulus” spending.

Big Labor’s bosses, having spent hundreds of millions of dollars to see many of their candidates still lose next week, will be demanding their job-killing Card Check Forced Unionism bill.  It’s also possible the entire Police-Firefighter Forced Unionism bill could be passed before the new Congress is sworn in.

S. 510, the FDA’s War on Food, could be brought up to throw America’s heartland under the government-subsidized corporatist bus and reward the establishment’s Big Agriculture allies.

Senator Chris Dodd will take one last shot at freedom before retirement with his “Livable Communities Act,” S. 1619.  This bill, which should be called the Dodd Homeowner Control Act, seeks to remake our neighborhoods in the federal government’s image.

The Internet, a critical outlet for liberty-minded speech and grassroots mobilization, could come under attack from Joe Lieberman’s Internet Takeover Bill that would allow the government (in the name of supposed “cyber security”) to overrun private providers and take charge of what we have access to.

And these are just some of the assaults on freedom we could face in the Lame Duck.

Click here to find contact information for your representative and senators.  Urge them to stand up for the American people by fighting the Big Government Lame Duck agenda.  Unless these plans are met with a tidal wave of opposition both inside and outside Congress, we could see one bill after another turned into law.

The freedom movement has risen to the occasion time and again.  Leadership hopes we will take a break after the elections.

Let’s make sure the 111th Congress gets the message loud and clear one final time that we will never stop fighting to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution.

In Liberty,

John Tate

John Tate, President
Campaign for Liberty

P.S.  Don’t let your representative and senators off the hook just because the election will soon be over.  Contact them today and demand they fight the Big Government Lame Duck agenda!


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