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Hatch: Fighting rising gas prices and tax increases, pushing for entitlement reform

Fellow Utahns,

This week, press reports indicated that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are examining a budget proposal that reportedly calls for $2 trillion in tax hikes and $1.5 trillion in spending cuts. Although the plan is being described by proponents as having an even 50-50 ratio of tax increases and spending cuts, the plan is reportedly made up of 57 percent tax increases and only 43 percent in spending cuts.

This is a recipe for economic disaster. The fact is, we are facing a serious debt crisis not because Americans are taxed too little, but because Washington spends too much. History has shown time and time again when tax hikes occur in the name of deficit reduction, the revenue is only used for more spending. It is past time for Washington to start enacting smart fiscal policy that will hold down spending and provide hard-working families with responsible tax relief.

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Below you will find a few of my press statements from the previous week.

Hatch Strongly Denounces Red Rock Wilderness Bill

“I always find it highly ironic that two Members of Congress from the East coast get such great pleasure in telling us in Utah how we should manage our lands, and what should be considered wilderness.  This bill creates millions of acres of restrictive wilderness designation in Utah that would obstruct energy development and future energy transmission, as well as recreational access to a large portion of our state – without any regard to the work of the local officials who are concerned with preserving true, pristine wilderness balanced with the need for economic development and financial stability.” For more information click here.

Hatch Joins Bishop, Enzi In Introducing Constitutional Amendment To Empower States

“This common-sense amendment would empower the states by giving them the means of overturning costly and burdensome federal regulations and requirements that has fundamentally altered our federal system of government.  I commend my friend Rob Bishop for reintroducing this amendment.” To read the full statement click here.

Hatch, Baucus Announce Bipartisan Bill to Crack Down On Waste, Fraud, & Abuse Within TANF Program

“Misusing funds that were intended to prevent families and children from falling through the cracks is an affront on working Americans across the country and an abuse of taxpayer dollars. Our legislation is a common-sense initiative that will put an end to this egregious abuse within the system and help realize the goal of helping the poorest of the poor reach financial independence and increased self-sufficiency.”To read more click here.

Hatch Calls For Energy Plan To Lower Prices At The Pump

“Utahns are bearing the brunt of gas prices near $4 per gallon. This is very discouraging because we are still recovering from one of the worst recessions our country has ever faced, and all that these increased gas prices do is put the brakes on an already fragile recovery. What the people of Utah and this country need is a forward-thinking energy policy that will address rising gas prices that are a lead weight around the neck of the economy.” To read the full statement click here.

Hatch Joins Appeals Court Challenge to ObamaCare

“This law is an unprecedented expansion of federal power that busts the limits the Constitution places on the federal government. The constitutional arguments against this law are on our side. Our freedoms require limits on government, and those limits do not allow Congress to dictate economic decisions rather than regulate economic activities.” For more information click here.

Senator Orrin Hatch

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