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Open Letters to Representatives Chaffetz and Matheson about their votes supporting legalized kidnapping

Dear Representatives Chaffetz and Matheson,

It is Memorial Day weekend. I am angered. You cast a troop-dishonoring vote against the Smith-Amash Amendment that would end kidnapping. You euphemistically call it “indefinite detention”.

The vote came a day AFTER a federal judge placed an injunction on the practice based on First AND Fifth Amendments grounds! Don’t you read the papers?

The hearing testimony and the judge’s ruling are instructive.

  • Opponents were proven right; Americans were at risk of a military kidnapping at the President’s whim.
  • Members of both Armed Service Committees misled you about Sections 1021 and 1022 of NDAA 2012.

Now, thankfully, Section 1021 can’t be used within our borders.

Let me ask you…

  • Have you been lying about the bill?
  • Are you ignoring the real, textual concerns of civil libertarians, choosing instead to believe the false propaganda of the Armed Services Committee? (The text matters more than their intentions.)
  • Did you originally misunderstand the bill, yet STILL ignore the federal judge’s ruling?
  • Did you abandon your oath of office to support the Constitution and instead decided to “let the Supreme Court sort it out?”

You’d agree that the Supreme Court gets things wrong. That’s why it’s YOUR responsibility to stop unconstitutional legislation before it even reaches the courts!

There’s another thing I wonder about…

You will give AT LEAST one Memorial Day speech this weekend. Chances are you will honor our nation’s war dead by saying they “fought for our freedom.”

  • Do you see ANY contradiction between your vote and your freedom rhetoric?
  • Isn’t a country where the commander-in-chief can kidnap anyone at will the definition of an UNFREE country?
  • Are you dishonoring those who’ve “died for our freedom” by your delinquent legislative actions?

I demand you reconsider. Repent for what you’ve done. Going forward, support repeal of the kidnapping provisions. Tell your colleagues and the Senate that you will do this.

In solidarity,

(your name here)


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