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Thank you, Rep. Bishop, for supporting the Smith-Amash Amendment to the 2013 NDAA

Dear Representative Bishop,

Thank you for supporting the Smith-Amash Amendment to the 2013 NDAA.

Last week a federal judge agreed with my concerns (that I voiced to you before your vote on the 201 NDAA) and placed an injunction against the 2012 NDAA “indefinite detention” provisions, because they violate the First and Fifth Amendments.

By supporting repeal, you followed your oath of office and the Constitution. Thank you.

Stand firm on this issue!

Please tell Senators Hatch and Lee to insist on restoration of this amendment when they consider the NDAA.

In the House, you must oppose the 2013 NDAA Conference Report unless indefinite detention is repealed.

To prevent the police state that this country seems to be running toward we need you to keep fighting!

Even though it didn’t pass, thank you again for supporting Liberty and Freedom with your vote to support the Smith-Amash Amendment.

In solidarity,

Joe Levi
SY08 Precinct Chair


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