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More Cowbell

Every once in a while a great web application comes along. It’s easy to use, laid out with a beautifully simple in its user interface, does what it’s supposed to do (and nothing else). is one of those sites. has you upload an MP3 and adjust two sliders, “cowbell” and “Walken,” and and upload button.

You wait while it uploads your MP3, adds the Walken, and beat-matches the cowbell. Once that’s done, click the play button and you can hear your song with more cowbell…

Here’s an example with Here Comes the Hotstepper:

<embed width="400" height="170" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars="cowbellID=EelO66&amp;cowbellTitle=Here_Comes_The_Hotstepper - Inakamozie" pluginspage="" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" src="" />  <br />Make your own at  <p>(Hat tip to <a target="_blank" href="">Mike Dopp</a> for sharing this with me!) 

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