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Mock Dialog, by James Cook

American: Do you think you could help me?

Chinese: What do you mean?

American: I need some money.

Chinese: How much?

American: Three trillion.

Chinese: Wow! You’re not bashful.

American: What do you say?

Chinese: I don’t think so.

American: Pretty, pretty please.

Chinese: I already loaned you a bundle.

American: It’s gone. I have to have more.

Chinese: What am I going to do with all your IOUs?

American: Keep holding them. I’ll pay you interest.

Chinese: How much?

American: I can’t pay much, a couple of points.

Chinese: It’s too low. Call me if you can pay more.

American: I need it now.

Chinese: Hey, I’ve been selling your IOUs lately.

American: I heard that.

Chinese: Frankly, I don’t have as much as you need.

American: I’ll buy some toys and stuffed animals from you.

Chinese: Okay, but will you quit throwing your weight around so much?

American: I’ll try.

Chinese: I might get you part of it.

American: I can print up the rest.

Chinese: That will make my IOUs worthless.

American: I’ll do it in the night.

Chinese: You’re going from bad to worse.

American: Listen, I’ll double my order for stuffed animals.

Chinese: I don’t think so.

American: You won’t help me?

Chinese: No, I just can’t do it.

American: What am I going to do?

Chinese: There’s a Japanese guy lives down the street. Try him.


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