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FOR SALE: Mio A701 Windows Mobile GSM Smartphone with GPS

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This phone served me well for about 8 months (when I upgraded to an AT&T Tilt). It saved our butts when my boss and I were on a business trip in Texas and we got lost — this little beaut not only found us, but told us how to get from where we were to where we were going (GPS navigation software not included).

Windows Mobile "Pocket PC"

First and foremost it’s a Windows Mobile Smartphone running Windows Mobile 5. It’s got a 520MHz PXA270 processor 64MB of RAM (50.45 available) and 128MB ROM (that means it’s plenty fast and has a bunch of room to install your own Windows Mobile applications).

If 128MB isn’t enough storage space for you, it’s got a full-size SD card slot in it, so you can upgrade your storage to 2GB just by popping in a card (and since it’s standard SD, they’re cheap — if you’ve only got MicroSD cards (like me) I’ll even throw in a MicroSD to Full-Size SD adaptor free!). NOTE: SDHC isn’t supported, just standard SD.

GPS Receiver

Its built-in GPS receiver has been tested to work with CoPilot, Google Maps, Windows Live Maps, and Tom Tom (software not included, but the Windows Live and Google apps are free downloads).

Cell Phone

In addition to being a killed PDA and GPS unit, this little guy is also a tri-band GSM phone, unlocked and ready to work on virtually any GSM network in the world (T-Mobile and Cingular in the USA work great with this phone). Just pop in your SIM and you’re making phone calls.


Comes equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera.

Mobile Internet

With it’s GPRS radio and a data plan from your cell-phone provider this phone can get and send your email from an Exchange server, or over POP/SMTP. It’s not as fast as EDGE or 3G speeds, but it gets the job done quite nicely. If you’re worried about speeds, just set it up to get/send your email every 5 minutes, and set up and RSS reader (not included) to pull your RSS feeds in every couple hours.


This phone is used, it has a few minor cosmetic blemishes, but functions great and looks really stylish (I get asked if it’s an iPhone all the time).
This phone originally sold for over $500, you’re bidding on it starting at $99+shipping. It’s a killer deal because (1) it’s used, (2) being sold as-is, and (3) Windows Moble 6.1 is out (this is Windows Mobile 5).

What you get:

  • The phone/PDA (including its 1320mAh battery),
  • a USB cable (doubles as the charging cable),
  • a MicroSD to standard SD adapter

Specifications from the Manufacturer

Specifications can be found at, detailed pictures are available there as well.

What are you waiting for?

You know you want it… and at this price you can’t afford to pass it up! BID NOW!


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