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Message from Orrin Hatch, U.S. Senator

Fellow Utahn —

When the national debt topped $13 trillion on June 1st, President Obama and Congressional Democrats barely batted an eye.

In fact, they’re completely tone deaf to the growing grassroots movement that’s said ‘Enough, already’ in response to Washington’s never-ending deficits, spending and power grab.

I joined you in saying ‘Enough, already,’ and introduced a Balanced Budget Amendment this week. I know that the best way to get a handle on this deficit spending is by amending the Constitution to require Congress to put forth a balanced budget:

“The straightforward measure I am proposing would simply require Congress to submit a budget where the total outlays could not exceed total revenues. It would require Treasury to use any surplus to pay down the nation’s debt. Any tax increase would have to be approved by two-thirds of the Members of Congress.

“I realize that requiring a balanced budget will not necessarily end the outrageous government spending that has occurred over recent years, but it will at least provide Congress with a stronger incentive for fiscal responsibility. Balanced budgets are about more than sound fiscal policy; they are a moral responsibility that government often fails to meet. Individuals and families who live wildly beyond their means face dire consequences. Government should have to live by the same standards, especially since this money belongs to the people.”


Senator Hatch

P.S. Please forward this to five friends to help spread the word about my Balanced Budget Amendment.

Senator Hatch’s Op-Ed On Preventing The Largest Tax Increase In History

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  • Introduced the Freedom for Consumer Choice Act to prevent the federal gov from regulating the Internet.
  • The Administration should stop suing Arizona, and instead, get serious about securing the border #utpol
  • Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem; it’s got a spending problem. We must stop spending! #utpol
  • Introduced the BBA first in ’95 & in ’97. National debt is now $13 trillion & it’s time for fiscal sanity. #utpol
  • Hatch Calls Kagan An Activist, Votes Against Her #utpol #scotus via @SLTrib
  • Enjoyed some great events over the weekend with @glennbeck. Saturday’s American Revival Tour was incredibly impressive. #tcot

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  1. joelevi says:

    Message from Orrin Hatch, U.S. Senator… #utpol #tcot #gop

  2. admin says:

    Senator Hatch, how about adding a provision that prohibits any elected (or appointed) person from being paid (or any monies expended thereon) until ALL items in the budget have been fully funded AND the interest plus a specified percentage of the National Debt have been paid?

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