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Update from Senator Hatch

This week, my efforts to rein in the out of control spending in Washington and to repeal the central pillars of ObamaCare gained two big endorsements.

On Tuesday, the American Conservative Union offered their full-fledged support of the Balanced Budget Amendment that I’m introducing to get our nation’s fiscal house in order:

“The American Conservative Union is pleased to endorse your proposed Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. ACU has long supported an amendment of this kind and the lack of one has led to unrestrained growth in federal spending and a growth in the national debt that threatens the economic security of our country.”

My amendment already has gained the support of eight senators, including Jim DeMint, and I expect more to join the fight this coming week.

Then, on Thursday, Americans For Tax Reform joined a growing coalition of organizations supporting my bills to repeal ObamaCare’s unconstitutional individual mandate and its job-killing employer mandate:

“ATR (and Senator Hatch) support a full repeal of the Obamacare law. But ATR is willing to repeal the law in pieces if it cannot be repealed all at once. The employer and individual mandates were not only bad public policy — they were two of the two dozen new or higher taxes in Obamacare.”

I hope I can count on your support in the coming days and months to help pass these important initiatives.


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  • My first bill is the Balanced Budget Amendment, as many of you have mentioned we need to get our fiscal house in order before other bills.
  • At breakfast with some local leaders in St. George. I’m always grateful to visit Southern Utah, great people and warm.
  • RT @ACUConservative: ACU Endorses the proposed Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution of @JohnCornyn & @OrrinHatch
  • I join every Utahn and American in condemning this senseless and brutal act of violence in Tucson. My wife, staff and I send our prayers.
  • The administration better understand that IF Congress considers a debt limit increase, it should be paired with significant spending cuts.
  • It’s up to Obama to pressure Senate Democrats on spending cuts, if he wants the debt limit raised. #tcot
  • Had a great time with Mike Lee at his swearing in this afternoon Looking forward to a great year #utpol

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