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Message from Mike Lee, Candidate for U.S. Senate

As precinct officers we do not support or endorse any particular candidate for any particular office. We feel that voters in our precinct should learn about current issues, form their own educated opinions, then learn who is running for office, and vote for that person that best represents your stance on the issues that matter to you.

That having been said, as the Utah Republican Primary Election approaches candidates for various offices are trying to get their message out.


Here is an email I received from Mike Lee, Candidate for U.S. Senate:

There is a great awakening happening throughout the state of Utah and across the country. Americans are dealing with similar challenges faced by the founding generation, which include combating an oppressive national government levying crushing taxes, ignoring local governments, over-regulating businesses and overreaching into the lives of citizens. Utahns are responding to these issues by raising their voices and searching for true conservative leaders who will fight for real solutions. Pundits have questioned if the prevailing political winds, driven by Tea Party members, 912-ers and a wide array of grass-roots organizations, will change the course of our country or simply become more background noise in the national debate. The answer to that question will be found in the type of leaders this current movement sends to Washington. If the new leaders are not true conservatives in both form and function, the net result of these movements will not amount to much. Over the past fifteen years, there have been several opportunities to transform the country at moments such as we have today. New leaders were ushered in with much promise, but far too many became content with nudging incremental changes, or quickly fell into the trap of "we will get to it after the next election" syndrome.

With the opportunity of the current awakening, we cannot wait until the next election. For that reason, it is no longer enough to be called a Republican. It isn’t enough to call yourself a conservative. What is required is a commitment to fight for real solutions, grounded in the Constitution-regardless of what is popular in Washington, in the party, or in the polls. A true conservative is willing to stand up, stand out and even stand alone.

I would never vote for a program like No Child Left Behind. I am committed to rejecting wasteful earmarks and the reckless redistribution of wealth from legislation like TARP and recent stimulus spending, or the billions of dollars in bailouts. Regardless of who is in office or which party is in power, as a true conservative I am committed to fight every day to make sure this moment of opportunity becomes a monumental movement toward a better America.

Over the next five weeks, I will share with the voters of Utah the solutions I am determined to drive through the Senate to ensure that we:

  • Repeal and defund Obamacare
  • Reject deficit spending and pass a balanced budget amendment
  • Reform the entitlements which have us on a Greece-like path to national bankruptcy
  • Remove overreaching government regulations to jump-start the economy and create real job growth
  • Reduce and overhaul our tax system

There is an opportunity for the awakening we have experienced as Utahns and as Americans to transform our country. As your Senator, I will earn and keep your trust by restoring the constitutional debate to Congress first in order to create serious solutions which will last. Together, we can reclaim our future. I invite you to join me in this cause.

Mike Lee

If Mr. Lee sound like someone you might consider for representing your views, please check out his website and decide for yourself if he’s the right candidate for the job.


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