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Message from Bryan Farnsworth, Candidate for 1st Utah Congressional District Representative

I am Bryan Smith Farnsworth, candidate for the 1st Utah congressional district representative seat. I am a proud Marine Corps veteran and Eagle Scout that is worried that our rights are not being properly defended. I will fight for your rights.

My pet issue besides the above is Healthcare and the FDA. I am an herbalist, being a former Purchaser for Dr. Christopher’s herb shop. I am very upset to find that the FDA has recently banned the sale of Comfrey when it is sold as something to take internally by mouth. They say it could cause liver damage.

Herbalists have known this for a long time (Dr. Christopher knew this) that Comfrey damages the liver, so you have to be careful about giving it to someone who might have liver problems like an alcoholic.

They need to be treated with liver tonics first. Dr. Christopher said you should only use it while mending bones and then stop. This ban is so ridiculous. There are so many pharmaceuticals that damage the liver, and even over the counter NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen that damage the liver yet the FDA has no problem with allowing consumption of those drugs. Even sillier still, is the fact that they still let Christopher’s put Comfrey in the salve that you put on the skin surrounding the injured bone or cartilage as if the medicine doesn’t get absorbed and introduced to the bloodstream and effect the liver. Give me a break; they know you can give medicine via patches. I’m thinking that they allow the salve because if they didn’t they might have to ban shampoos and soaps that have stuff they would never allow to be
sold as something to put in your mouth. I have lots of other problems with the FDA. That’s just one example. If elected, I will seek to be on the committee that overseas the FDA so I can help them out; their thinking is ridiculously illogical.

Even if I was OK with universal healthcare (which I’m not), I wouldn’t be OK with it as long as the doctors and hospitals only give people the option of using pharmaceuticals that have gangster-like profit margins, instead of at least suggesting scientifically proven herbal alternatives as a choice instead of a drug that if you get one of the side-effects, they have a drug for that, and if that drug causes problems, they have a drug for that, too. The side-effect phraseology is misleading. In my opinion it would be more honest to call it an allergic reaction to something that your body finds toxic.

Please, friends, whenever you go to a doctor for a diagnosis and prescription, before you buy the drug, look online to see what the natural alternatives for that drug are. The possible allergic reactions are way lower, of course, given the fact that God didn’t make the herb out of carcinogenic petrochemicals.

I need volunteers. I will have a website soon. For now, contact me through

Take care of yourselves,



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