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Lifetime Reintroduces the game of Tetherball

tetherball So I’ve been in a bit of a Napoleon Dynamite mood lately. One of the parts I liked about the movie was the tetherball scenes. It’s the playground game that I grew up with, and lost a lot because I wasn’t as tall as the other kids.

You see, in tetherball the ball is attached to the top of a pole by a rope. The taller person has the advantage in being able to hit the ball over the head of the shorter person. Nonetheless, tetherball was an awesome game, I loved to play it.

I’ve since grown up and had kids of my own (I know, scary thought!). Yesterday my second-to-youngest started kindergarten. That makes 3 school-aged children… none of them have ever played tetherball! Why? Elementary schools around here don’t seem to have tetherball poles on the playgrounds. Could it be that we’ll have an entire generation who doesn’t know about tetherball?! How tragic!

Apparently my employer felt the same way and decided to do something about it! The Lifetime Portable Tetherball Set (90029) combines years of experience and expertise in making portable basketball systems and extends it to the game of tetherball.

If you’re interested, head over to and check it out (FREE SHIPPING!).

You can thank me later™.


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