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Twitter Updates for 2008-05-20

  • work said NO to Heros Happen Here in SLC because others haven’t been timely delivering for my current project… scheduled off months ago. #
  • bought some music videos on Zune marketplace last night; none sync’d with my Zune. Why is there no “New items” menu on the portable player? #
  • Anyone need a front-end web developer (CSS, symantec xHTML, ASP.NET) with 7+ yrs web development & 14 yrs industry experience? Northen Utah? #
  • why do employers always tell you about liberal leave the day of or the hour before giving you no time to plan anything? #
  • waiting for @mikedopp to head to lunch #
  • twitter: something is technicaly wrong.thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon… uh huh, sure. #
  • If anyone wants to quit Plaxo now that Comcast is buying them, here is your link: #
  • “why are you leaving Plaxo?” Comcast is rated worst in cust. serv. #
  • “why are you leaving Plaxo?” Comcast throttles protocols on their network then lies about it #
  • “why are you leaving Plaxo?” Comcast participates baseless RIAA/MPAA “requests” for information about customers #
  • “why are you leaving Plaxo?” Comcast doesn’t open their network to other ISPs #
  • “why are you leaving Plaxo?” Comcast modem fried so VOIP died, opened ticket, tech called but got no answer on VOIP line, cancelled ticket. #

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